Blind Marine On Leadership

Hard to believe how far America has fallen just since this movie was made in 1992. Can’t see Hollywood producing anything like this today.

In the climactic scene of Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino plays the role of a retired Marine who is both blind and full of regret. Along the way, a college student of meager means named Charlie Sims crosses his path. Charlie is about to be railroaded by a committee at the university for not ratting out his fellow students who vandalized the car belonging to the guy with the gavel.

As is the case with many of today’s proceedings, the hearing in this scene was supposed to have a predetermined outcome, with Charlie being expelled and another student named George being allowed to go free as long as his rich father paid the freight.

Unfortunately, much of what Pacino warns against in this scene is what the halls of power have today been infected with – cowardice, betrayal, corruption and lack of character.



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