Catholic Ex-Congressman Says He Hopes Terrorists Behead Appeasers and Cowards First

In 2010, Joe Walsh, a Catholic, was elected to the U.S. Congress from Illinois on a wave of Tea Party support. Over the next two years, he took on the establishment and was very politically incorrect, which only garnered him more support. In short, he became a threat. In 2012, as was the case with Lt. Col. Allen West, Walsh was a victim of redistricting and lost re-election.

Today, Walsh is in the talk radio business and is doing better than most if not all politicians who try it (Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, and the soon-to-fail Mike Rogers come to mind), primarily because he continues to speak his mind. In this case, Walsh is catching the ire of both liberals and supposed conservative media outlets like The Blaze and Daily Caller.

The controversy stems from a tweet Walsh sent out in which he operated from a premise that there WILL BE another Islamic terror attack. Based on that premise, Walsh opined that he hoped “appeasing cowards” would be the first to lose their heads to terrorists. Here’s Walsh’s twitter feed. Be sure to follow him to show support.

In reality, this is nothing more than a wish that the appeasers Winston Churchill talked about, who feed crocodiles hoping to be eaten last, see those hope dashed. Besides, the media has a responsibility to inform the public. As is becoming the case far too often, far too many media personalities want responsibility without accountability.

h/t BNI


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