Rescue Christians Saved yet Another rape victim: Heart Breaking Testimony of 14 Year Old Tormented by her Employer

We are discovering dozens of multiple and severe rape cases in the Kilns of Pakistan. Here is the story of a 14 year old girl whose clothes were ripped of her by her employer and raped three times before threatening death if she told anyone.

Our goal is to not only to free the victims of these horrible rapes but to release the rape victims family as well as other families from bondage, provide new opportunities for these people so they can rebuild their lives with good paying jobs, proper housing and potential of education for their children. In 2014 we saved about 150 families. This month we hope to save a hundred families alone and repeat that figure every month for the rest of the year. It only costs about $600 to free a whole family but multiplied by 20,000 is still twelve million dollars. There are an estimated 20,000 Pakistani Slave families that need rescue. We have now a large team of people saving these people as well as dozens of pastors who advise us of many of these cases so we can vet them before we provide the “A teams” to initiate rescue. We can only do this with the generosity of our readers and donors. If you would like to help save a family click here.

Psalm 119:86

All Your Commandments are trustworthy; help me for I am being persecuted, without cause

Short update on helping of the orphans in Iraq. We hope to have the first Orphans moved to Spain in about three weeks. We had issues with the Iraqi government who would not cooperate with the Spanish government which was expected (by us) , but now the Spanish government understand the issues concerning dealing with Iraq or other Muslim countries concerning orphans and have agreed to do it without their help. As soon as we have the first orphans transported we will advise you.


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