Play About Stoning of Women That DOESN’T Insult Islam or Muhammad is Cancelled For Fear of Muslim Terror Attack

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the world was told that the attacks occurred because Charlie Hebdo insulted Islam’s prophet. We were told by Turkey’s Prime Minister that Islamophobia was the problem, implying that insults of Islam were not acceptable either. Now, a play about the stoning of women called LAPIDEE (translated Stoned) is being cancelled because it might insult Islamic sensibilities, even though it insults neither Islam nor its prophet.

According to a report from France, here are the details (h/t BNI):

The play, supported by two actresses Vaud and a Muslim, was to play thirty times between tomorrow and March. It only entitled to three performances at Ciné XIII Theatre Montmartre. “Following the recent events, we must show decency and not to risk excited madmen with an extremely visual depiction. The poster can be seen as a provocation,” said Claude Telliez, Black Eagle Productions ….

Still, the discontent is palpable among the actors, but not exclusively. “People in the street are afraid. Everyone proclaims loudly “I’m Charlie,” but when to act, there is no one says the actress of Bourg-en-Lavaux Nathalie Pfeiffer, from Paris where she was staying. There must have posters on the Morris columns and on the subway. We might have had to come up with a visual Bears and a title like “Martine Yemen”! The play was written by a pastor and she insults neither the Prophet nor Islam. She speaks of human rights and arbitrary stoning is still practiced in twelve countries around the world. “…

The prefecture of Paris, contacted by Claude Telliez, strongly recommended to the producer to give up her poster campaign and the room. “By canceling the campaign, I lose 10,000 euros. It would have been easier for me to keep it, but I’m worried. I distributed twenty invitations knowledge, they all canceled!”

An opinion not shared by Sandra Vollant, the press officer: “The Charlie Hebdo bombing killed a means of expression, it must value those that remain. I am not my first experience as a press attaché of committed performances, but I’ve never experienced this. The producer is afraid to incur legal liability. For my part, I had no cancellations announced for journalists held performances. Instead, a woman scheduled February 6 decided to come to the first. “…

Again, as reported, for Europe to stand up to Islamic terror, it cannot do so with secularism. That is a failed strategy; it is based on a belief that an earthly existence is the only thing worth defending.

The people of Europe must turn to God.


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