Egypt’s President Choosing Christian Fundamentalists Over Muslim Fundamentalists

Five days after speaking to Muslim fundamentalists at al-Azhar University in Cairo, where he proceeded to admonish the Islamic scholars that Islam requires a revolution, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi attended a Coptic Christian Christmas Mass and spoke to Christian fundamentalists in attendance. Both of the videos below have been out for a week or more but what is worth watching is the stark contrast in el-Sisi’s body language at the respective venues.

First, have a look at how comfortable and relaxed el-Sisi is with the Christians, who are cheering him loudly. The Egyptian President even wishes them all a Merry Christmas, tells them that he loves them and calls for Egyptian nationalism, a clear rebuke to those Islamic fundamentalists who support a Caliphate:

Now, contrast el-Sisi’s words, gestures and body language in the above video with how he addressed al-Azhar’s clerics just a few days earlier, as reported:



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