Democrat Congressman Admits Obama and Hillary had ‘No After Plan’ for Libya but Fails to Understand That WAS the Plan

The claims made by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HA), that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had ‘no after plan’ in Libya once the removal of Muammar Gadhafi was complete, were a bit surprising, coming from a Democrat. In an interview about the deteriorating situation all across the Middle East, Gabbard was asked about Libya specifically.

She got it half right when she said Obama and Hillary had no plan for Libya once Gadhafi was removed.

The half that Gabbard got wrong was that having no plan was the plan. If it wasn’t, why are there so many politicians seeking to replicate the Libyan disaster in Syria?

When it comes to the overthrow of national leaders in the Middle East, the Obama administration knew that the Muslim Brotherhood would fill the vacuum. That’s why there was ‘no after plan’.

The biggest beneficiary in all of it was and is supposed to be NATO ‘ally’ Turkey, more so than any other member state in the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization. Once the Brotherhood took over enough countries (Syria’s Bashar al-Assad continues hanging on and in biggest blow to Turkey, Egypt’s Brotherhood government was overthrown), Turkey would be looked to for leadership, which is a fire that nearly all U.S. politicians fail to understand.

Speaking of Libya, check out Senator John ‘wrong way’ McCain on September 13, 2012:

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