Did Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus and Four-Star General Carter Ham Convert to Islam, as Current CIA Director John Brennan was Accused of Doing?

Since publishing screenshots from a commenter on this site that appeared to show an extremely bizarre, pro-Islamic message posted to the twitter account of four-star Gen. Carter Ham (Ret.), there have been some further developments. At the time of the Benghazi attacks, General Ham was the Commander of AFRICOM. Individuals familiar with scams originating in Nigeria that use stolen photos and names of high-profile figures to create fake accounts have been brought to our attention (see comments in this post). One of the figures who has been victimized by this despicable behavior specifically is General Ham.

Here is a screen shot of one of those FAKE twitter accounts:

Example of FAKE twitter account for Gen. Ham

Example of FAKE twitter account for Gen. Ham

The official twitter account for General Ham appears to go by the handle @Carter_F_Ham and identifies the General as having joined in September of 2010. The account is currently listed as “protected” and has been since sometime after October 26, 2012:


This is where we run into some legitimate questions, the Nigerian scammers notwithstanding. In a screen shot sent to us by Shoebat.com commenter Jeff Benton, we see that a tweet appears to have been sent by then CIA Director David Petraeus from @CentralIntel on or before October 26, 2012. The contents of that tweet are not known because the account was protected. It’s important to keep in mind that this tweet was sent out six weeks after the Benghazi attacks and two weeks before Petraeus would resign.

In response, an account using the same @Carter_F_Ham twitter handle tweeted the following (syntax, punctuation and spacing exactly as it appears):

“May Allah bless u on this auspicious day of Eid, May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity,success & happiness. I Salute”

In response, Benton politely asks if this message means that both Petraeus and Ham converted to Islam:


In his comment on a previous Shoebat.com post, Benton said the following about what happened after he replied to the tweet in question:

…the Good General has since blocked his account once I sent that question to him…

As additional confirmation that the tweet was sent from what is today billed as the more than four-year old @Carter_F_Ham account, check out the URL in the web browser of Benton’s screenshot (https://twitter.com/Carter_F_Ham):


When we first posted about Benton’s findings, it stirred up some staunch Ham defenders, which we welcome. This is NOT about propaganda; it is about getting to the truth. Benton responded to one of those defenders with the following:

…when I first found it I thought it had to be fake… But when I looked into it, the differences between the bad English using peeps, the format, and style of some of the bogus sites I found were WAY different than this twitter account that had personal correspondence between the head of CIA and our good General… There was a complete difference in the bogus sites and this twitter account… And the more I searched the more I became convinced that account was for real…

In another comment at this Shoebat.com post, Benton wrote the following about his tweet to General Ham:

I thought for sure the General would respond to my question with either a “It’s not any of your business” Or a “It was a private joke between the 2 of us” But when I received no response, and the account went protected, I began to wonder if those two fella’s had converted to Islam for real… I have already emailed and shared the photos with a couple of news agencies who never said a peep about them, and yes I shared them just in case there was something to them and something happened to me… Now I don’t know what they mean, or if there is anything to them that implies anything… All I know for sure is that the Twitter account was for real…

At one site with a page devoted solely to identifying all of the fake accounts for General Ham, there is a section for all falsified twitter accounts attributed to him. Below is a screen shot. Note that the one identified above as Ham’s “Official Twitter account” is the ONLY ONE that has in parentheses “not sure” next to it, though it’s not clear if it’s referring to that account or the one after it. In any case, if caught, the author could assert that the “not sure” reference was for either “Carter_F_Ham” OR “carter20011”. Either the “(not sure)” should have gone after “Carter_F_Ham” but before the hyphen or it should have gone after “carter2011” but before the next hyphen:

List of fake twitter accounts for Gen. Carter Ham

List of fake twitter accounts for Gen. Carter Ham

What we can conclude is very important at this point. The twitter account that is today billed as the official twitter account of Gen. Carter Ham since September of 2010 tweeted a pro-Islamic message that called for the blessings of “Allah” on October 26, 2012, six weeks after four Americans were murdered in Benghazi by Muslim terrorists at a time when Gen. Ham was a high-profile figure in conservative media circles and on Fox News.

How did this happen and who sent it? After consulting with a trusted IT expert and a very prolific twitter user, we’re told there are no fewer than three things that could have happened (each one addressed below):

1.) General Carter Ham sent out the tweet personally.
2.) An assistant to Ham or someone with access to his password sent out the tweet.
3.) The account was hacked.

1.) Ham sent out the tweet: The notion that Ham would have sent out the tweet personally with everything that was going on in the wake of Benghazi is not impossible but perhaps not the most likely. A four-star General sitting at his laptop, sending out Happy Eid messages calling for Allah’s blessings is possible only because it was sent from his twitter account but it’d also be bizarre.

2.) Ham assistant sent out the tweet personally: Of the three possibilities, an assistant sending out the tweet does seem the most likely but can’t be known for sure. It’s at least conceivable that a few people had access to Ham’s twitter account and one such person sent out a pro-Islamic tweet, not knowing that the account wasn’t protected. It’s also possible that Benton’s reply could have prompted this action to be taken. A logical follow-up question would be: Did General Ham have any Muslim assistants who had access to his twitter password or was a decision made to send out the tweet based on political correctness? Either scenario is unacceptable.

3.) Ham’s account hacked: If Ham’s twitter account was hacked, it was hacked less than two months after the Benghazi attacks at a time when the General was high-profile. Why was this not made news? That it wasn’t made news SHOULD be news today, as should any facts which show the twitter account of AFRICOM’s Commander was hacked at such a time. Earlier this month, CENTCOM’s twitter account was hacked and it made news very quickly. Here is a video about that:

All of this says nothing about the original contents in the tweet attributed to Petraeus. If a tweet was sent out from Ham’s official twitter account in response to a tweet by Petraeus, can it be deduced or inferred that the original tweet had a similar message to the one sent out on Ham’s twitter account? If so, what did it say? Was it pro-Islamic as well?

Nonetheless, just two weeks later, Petraeus was out as CIA Director after the details of an extramarital affair became public. The man who replaced him – John Brennan – was alleged by former FBI Agent John Guandolo to have converted to Islam while a station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s. As you can see, Guandolo is unequivocal about his claims:

In 2013, I interviewed Guandolo and again, he was adamant about Brennan’s conversion:


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