ISIS Takes Forty Five People And Burn Them Alive, They Then Take One Hundred People And Butcher Every Single One Of Them. Now ISIS Is Surrounding 1,200 People And Want To Slaughter All Of Them

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

ISIS took 45 people and burned them to death. According Col Qasim al-Obeidi a number of the victims were Iraqi security forces. Al-Obeidi is now exhorting the government, and the international community to provide help, since now ISIS is surrounding the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi where the families of security officials are living, and if they are caught by ISIS, they will be suffer a most horrible death.

He has pleaded for help from the government and international community and said the compound, which houses the families of security personnel and local officials, was now under attack.

It follows the capture of al-Baghdadi 15 km from Ain al-Asad air base, by ISIS fighters last week. ISIS decided to switch its efforts and focus on Baghdadi instead.

The Baghdadi police director stated that ISIS has executed 100 people, including police officers and tribal fighters in the area where the burning of 45 occurred. ISIS still controls a residential neighborhood that holds 1,200 families. These are members of the security forces and ISIS also besieged the headquarters of Brigade 27 of the Army adjacent to the neighborhood and cut off the road to their base.

Lt. Col. Qassim al-Obeidi, Township Police Director of Baghdadi said in an interview “ISIS is surrounding the apartment complex near Baghdadi, (70 km west of Ramadi),” asserting that “it will fall if reinforcements is not provided soon”.

Obeidi said that “ISIS kidnapped 40 people, including eight tribal fighters while trying to get out of the compound.” In the same context Samarmd Qatar of the Sheikh Obeid tribe in al-Baghdadi said in an interview that “ISIS executed 100 people in the neighborhood in Baghdadi west of Ramadi, mostly civilians.”

Samarmd added that “Among the dead were members of the police and tribal fighters in Anbar,” noting that “ISIS burned the bodies of a number of people killed after the executions,” adding that “some of the dead were kidnapped at dawn on Tuesday and others detained”.

In the same context, Aljughaifi Ibrahim, a spokesman for the popular crowd in Haditha District confirmed the news adding that “this is a repeat of the same tragedy of the Spyker event”.

A repeat of Spyker is when ISIS massacred hundreds of captive Shiite members of Iraq’s security forces, posting grisly pictures of a mass execution in Tikrit:

He pointed out that “the power of the security forces and their ability to deal with the enemy is zero percent, compared to the strongly equipped terrorists who are besieging the families in the neighborhood.”