Major College In Italy Completely Bans Women From Wearing Hijabs

By Theodore Shoebat 

An Italian college in Italy, specifically in the area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has completely banned from women from wearing the Islamic hijab on its campus.

According to the college, the measure is being done in order to protect Muslim women from anti-Islamic violence, which is something that has taken place in the past on campus.

The headmaster of the college, Aldo Duri, said that “outward signs of religion can be seen as provocation”,  he continued on to say:

the scarf that covers the hair and sometimes part of the face of Muslim girls, they are free to use it outside school, but not in class

He went on to say that the school is secular, and that such conspicuous expressions of Islam would not be tolerated. The ban will be imposed in all six campuses that the college has in the region.

With this said, it is a good thing that they ban the hijab. In Italy the Muslims succeeded in having the government remove all crucifixes from grade schools. As we have reported earlier, Muslims in Rome have screamed at Catholics, “Death to the Pope!” and “A good Christian is a dead one!” There was even one story in which Muslims in Italy attacked an elderly man praying before the statue of the Virgin Mary, and then shattered and urinated over the statue.   They are trying to invade Italy internally, and its time that they be the ones on the receiving end of the attack in this eternal and spiritual war.

In the Italian state of Northern Lombardy, mosques and all non-Catholic religious buildings are banned from being built,  and this is understandable, because many Italians want to preserve its Catholic culture.

While hijabs are being banned from this college in Italy, we have schools in America that are encouraging non-Muslim girls to wear hijabs.

Just to give one example, a Muslim group in Indiana infiltrated Crown Point High School and is now telling non-Muslims to wear hijabs, encouraging this type of clothing on campus. We did a whole video exposing this in which we interviewed a student of the school, Pano, who is a Christian, and he explained to us this mess:

They are promoting a culture of bondage, but why should this surprise us? A culture of bondage is already being promulgated in public schools.  With the teaching of debauchery and abortion, Darwinism and homosexuality, its hard to sympathize with these girls who are already spiritual harlots.

What we need to be doing as Christians is helping the persecuted who are truly experiencing real Islam and not the marketed lies that they teach people in the West.