Mujahadeen Moments: Understanding Jihad and the confidence we have given them

Many so called experts from the West will give you all sorts of reasons for Jihad and terrorism. The lastest reason from our “expert” State Department say that the lack of jobs is the reason. The best way to understand the Jihadists is from their own mouths.

Here is a ten minute video of Al Shabaab terrorists in a propaganda recruitment video made by Al Kataib Foundation a mouthpiece for Al Shabaab, the main Jihadi movement from East Africa. Walid Shoebat has always emphasized that we have given confidence to the terrorists, you will notice from the statements of the terrorists in this video is they have tremendous confidence and the spout out all their victories.

The objective of the West should now be to destroy the Jihadists confidence which would be the destruction of ISIS. Sadly it seems we have been very late to the game and the situation is now critical and with two years of Obama left in power we could be screwed and we are setting ourselves up for a war that will cost the lives of one hundred times more that would not have been necessary if we had taken the right defensive policies in the first place. As they say “Elections have consequences,” and the American electorate has failed to understand the issues we face in the real world by electing and relecting this current President. Hopefully next time in 2016 we will have learned our lesson, but I am not sure we have, as Hillary Clinton lurks to take over, who will continue the craziness we have seen for the last six years. God Help us all if that happens!


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