Your Prayers Are Needed: Middle Eastern Sources Report That ISIS Just Released Over 250 Assyrian Christian Hostages

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Here is the latest news from Middle East sources regarding the Assyrian hostages. The reports coming out of social media which some western media reported, was that All of the Assyrian Christian hostages (over 250) abducted by ISIS in north-eastern Syria have been freed by ISIS according to local reports.


An Assyrian military commander told the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) that ISIS released all the captives from the religious minority after Friday’s prayer. The commander said the detainees are still in areas under ISIS control in Hasakah province.

However, for accuracy has been monitoring other sources as well, especially from persons who are in touch with the negotiation process. Parish Church Margioargios Assyrian server in Lebanon and father Sargon Zumaia said that there are no confirmed reports that ISIS has released the abducted Assyrians, noting that they are still in captivity.

Father Srgon stated “I have contacted our community in al-Hasakah and no one was aware of the release, as none of the captives have reached their homes yet.”

It is confirmed that ISIS two days ago released 24 Christians from the villages of Tel Tamer and the village of Tel Shamiram and one Christian woman and a young girl from the village of Tel Curran.

The prisoners who were freed paid Jizya tax imposed by a local Sharia court. Assyrian leaders were negotiating the release of the remaining captives under the leadership of the Hassakeh bishop, who is engineering the talks.

Lord have mercy.

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