Pakistan Just Ended Its Ban On The Death Penalty, Which Means That The Time Is Coming When The Pakistani Government Will Begin A Mass Slaughter Of Christians Found Guilty Of Blasphemy Against Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

Pakistan has just ended its ban on the death penalty, which means that all of the people in Pakistani prisons who have been sentenced to death, and have been impending their executions through mercy appeals, will be slaughtered without hinderance. According to a report that just came out today:

Pakistan has lifted its moratorium on the death penalty in all capital cases. It will begin executing criminals whose appeals have been exhausted, a spokesman said, reversing an earlier decision that only those convicted of terrorism would be executed.

“It applies to all [on death row], irrespective of the nature of the crime,” said the spokesman, who told Reuters that the order was made late Friday but not publicized.

“The Interior Ministry has directed the provincial home departments to expedite the executions of all condemned prisoners whose mercy petitions have been rejected by the president,” a senior Interior Ministry official told AFP.

According to Amnesty International, there are currently over 8,000 people on death row in Pakistan. According to Legal aid group Justice Project Pakistan, it’s the largest number of prisoners facing the death penalty in the world.

Now while the majority of those sentenced to death deserve capital punishment (murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc), there are Christians currently in prison, and there will be more Christians in prison, for blasphemy law.

The current law in Pakistan is that those found guilty for blasphemy are to be sentenced to death (or given life in prison). With this ban lifted, we will begin to gradually see Christians found guilty for blasphemy being killed by the Pakistani. This is all leading to the future systematic genocide of Christians that will be happening in Pakistan. We did an interview with our contact in Pakistan, in which he explains the future holocaust of Christians in Pakistan:

Here is another interview in which he said that the massacre of Christians in Pakistan will be so severe that it will reduce the Pakistani Christian population only 3%:

We must work to help save Christian lives before the Muslims unleash their wave of cruelty and violence on the Christians and usher in the coming great holocaust of Christians in Pakistan.