ISIS Takes Eleven Innocent Guards, And Slaughters All Of Them In Intense Hostage Takeover Of Oil Field

By Theodore Shoebat

In an intense hostage takeover of an oil field in Libya, ISIS took eleven innocent guards and slaughtered all of the, and in the same horrific attack they took nine hostages. In the recent report:

Nine foreign workers are feared to have been taken hostage by the Islamic militant group Isis after a Libyan oil field was attacked.

According to Reuters, gunmen invaded the al-Ghani oilfield, just south of the city of Sirte, on Friday, killing eleven guards, beheading a number of them, before local forces fought back to retake control.

The workers unaccounted for include one Austrian, one Czech and seven non-EU citizens.

Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaorálek said that those unaccounted for could have been kidnapped: “We are examining the possibility that a kidnapping has taken place,” he told Reuters.

Michael Langronova, a spokesman for the Czech foreign ministry said that they were in contact with the family of the missing person and coordinating with Austria regarding the course of action according to AP.

Austrian officials said Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz was working with interior and defence ministry officials as well as the Austrian embassy in Tunisia, which was overseeing Libyan affairs.

No demands have yet been made by any group or individual for their return.

Libya’s state oil company confirmed that the workers were missing, spokesman Mohamed el-Hariri saying: “Foreigners from an Austrian oil services company operating in the field are still missing since the time of the attack.”

The attack further illustrates Libya’s rapidly growing instability as two rival governments battle violently for control.

Libya is the same country where the tenth-one Coptic martyrs were kidnapped, so it looks like ISIS is working to take more hostages to either use as ransom or to gratify their demonic thirsts for blood. It is truly disgusting. All of these savages must be put to death. God willing a righteous Christian regime will one day stand up and slaughter all of these demon possessed deviants, alongside the abortion supporters and sodomites, and establish Christianity as the religion of the land.