ISIS Becomes Partners With Boko Haram, And Accepts Them As “Our Jihadi Brothers”

By Theodore Shoebat

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ISIS is said to have now accepted Boko Haram’s pledge of allegiance and esteems them as “our jihadi brothers”. According to one Nigerian report:

In an audio message purportedly from an ISIS spokesman, the group announced that a pledge of allegiance from Nigerian-based Boko Haram has been accepted by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The 28-minute message, which is yet to be authenticated, was posted online by ISIS supporters.

The message says that the caliphate, or Islamic State, has expanded to western Africa and congratulated “our jihadi brothers” there.

Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau,announced in an audio message last week that the Islamist terror group was going to ally with ISIS.

Jacob Zenn, a terror expert who lives in Nigeria, told CNN on Saturday the alliance would make sense for both groups.

“Boko Haram will get legitimacy, which will help its recruiting, funding and logistics as it expands,” Zenn said. “It will also get guidance from ISIS in media warfare and propaganda. Previously Boko Haram was a sort of outcast in the global Jihadi community. Now it is perhaps ISIS’s biggest affiliate.

The partnership does make sense. Both Boko Haram and ISIS want to destroy Christianity; both behead their victims and commit horrific acts of genocide and bloodshed; and most of all, they are both under the same leader: Satan. As our Lord tells us:

How can Satan cast out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. (Mark 3:23-24)

If ISIS is going to do anything with Boko Haram, its possible that they will work together to create biological weapons. If you recall, last year ISIS spoke of extracting the ebola virus from Africa and infecting Americans and Westerners via an infected Muslim. In the statement they said:

the process of spreading disease is not difficult, it is easily transported in a bottle in your bag and take them from Africa to America and open in a air-conditioning duct or put it in the public drinking water by elevator doors

Its possible that ISIS and Boko Haram could work together for this end, but only time will tell. Another explanation could be that Boko Haram knows that it is weakening in its power in Nigeria and is looking to ISIS as a last hope, to receive strength, weapons, and new recruits. Either way, their days are numbered.