Muslims Take Christian Woman, Brutally Beat Her And Break Her Arms, They Then Torture Her Son For An Entire Day Until He Dies, And Then Dump His Body In Front Of Her House

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Pakistan, who were all part of the police force, took a Christian woman named Aysha Bibi, beat her brutally and then broke her arms. They then took his son, Zubair Masih, and tortured him for an entire day, until he died. The monsters then callously dumped his body in front of his parents’ home.

Police in Pakistan tortured a young Christian man, named Zubair Masih, to death. This martyrdom just happened this week, on Tuesday.

His mother, Aysha Bibi, was a maid for a Muslim named Abdul Jabar, and she was accused of theft by her employer. Both her and her son were arrested, and had to endure all the torture. Aysha Bibi’s arms were broken. According to Wilson Chowdery:

[Police] beat Bibi with sticks and their fists shouting abuse and accusations in an attempt to force a confession

The police wanted Aysha to accept a false confession that would have indicted her of the crime. That is when they they turned against her son. Aysha recounted:

My son was screaming for them to stop… It was obvious he was in pain; there was blood everywhere. I asked the Police to beat me, not my son. He had never even been to my employer’s home.

According to one report, the son was “violently tortured throughout the night” by the police, who tortured him until he died. The next morning the cruel officers callously dumped his lifeless body, “in front of his parents’ house”.

His family later found the corpse lying in front of his house. A doctor came and confirmed that he was dead.

Body of Zubair Masih, courtesy to Christian Post

Body of Zubair Masih, courtesy to Christian Post

This is the common life of Christians in Pakistan, which is why we started Rescue Christians, to liberate these persecuted saints from persecution and bondage.

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