Hundreds Of Christians Flee Pakistan Where They Are Getting Enslaved, Raped, And Burned Alive, And Go To Thailand. Now Thailand Is Arresting Hundreds Of Christians And Could Send Them Back To Pakistan

By Theodore Shoebat

Hundreds of Christians in Pakistan have fled their country where are being murdered, enslaved, raped, and burned alive, and are going to Thailand. Now the Thai government has arrested hundreds of Christians and could send them back to their despotic country of Pakistan.

Amazingly the British government has received Pakistani Muslims by the droves, and while they are having a lot of problems from these people, they are not taking in Pakistani Christians by the droves. They are instead appeasing Muslims and homosexuals. Thailand also has a lot of Muslim problems. Why aren’t they conducting an efficient crackdown on their Islamic problems? They are too busy arresting Christians and allowing homosexual polygamist weddings. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:

More than 400 Pakistani Christian immigrants who fled to Thailand have been arrested by Thailand authorities, pastors in Bangkok told CBN News.

The arrested Christians fled Pakistan because many were accused of blasphemy and threatened by militant Muslims.

According to the report, some of the Christians are converts from Islam and have looked to churches and others for food and housing during their time in Thailand.

The Pakistani Christians have also sought work and refugee status, with some even having scheduled meetings with the United Nations. The Thai government, however, has said that these Christians are illegal immigrants and must be deported.

Our organization, Rescue Christians, is working very hard to help these Christians who are being persecuted by the Thai government. Our Pakistani contact is currently striving the Christians that we brought into Thailand. He wrote just this week:

No hope in eyes and frightened faces of kids, women and men caught from the Capital of Thailand, Bangkok which is the heart of tourist activities in Asia , but has become a nightmare for the Pakistani Asylum seekers from 2nd March till today.

Immigration Police of Thailand, with the military, raided the houses of asylum seekers living in Samrong district. Hours before raiding the houses, the area and streets were cordoned off by Thai military; it was like an operation against Criminals. Asylum seekers from inside their homes kept calling around to their other asylum seekers for prayers, calling UNHCR also for protection, but their fate was unavoidable.

As soon as the operation started, the Thai military smashed the doors and entered in the rooms of asylum seekers and started arresting the people. Minor kids, women, young and old everyone were treated in an inhuman way.

Loads of people were arrested and shifted to Samrong Police station. Many were crying, begging and requesting, showing their asylum seekers certificates but none paid any heed.

We immediately rushed to the Samrong Police station but no one was in the mood to cooperate. All arrested people were held in the car parking area and later on they were be seated on the floor inside the police station and Immigration police and other authorities were not ready to listen to any request.

Minor Kids were crying for water and milk, women crying and men with sad and fearful faces begged everyone to release them.

From only Samrong district today 44 Children aged 7 months to 12 years were arrested, 43 women, and 35 men. Within last 11 days 176 people including children were arrested by the immigration authorities. We are afraid that they might not do the same which the Sri Lankan authorities did with the Asylum Seekers last year by deporting dozens of Asylum Seekers back to Pakistan.

All families are seeking and waiting for the help of international human rights agencies, especially UNHCR Thailand.

We request all the International Human Rights Agencies to support UNHCR to save these vulnerable lives before it’s too late. We also request all the asylum seekers and refugees to be safe and avoid going outside unnecessarily. Current cleanup operation against overstayed people even having UNHCR registration certificates are not respected by authorities for their right of protection under Universal Human Right declaration.

Help us keep them from being forced back to the hell hole called Pakistan.