JUST CAME IN: Muslims Take Ninety-Five Christians, And Butcher All Of Them In A New And Horrifying Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat

A new massacre of Christians just happened in Nigeria, in which Muslims — all members of the Fulani herdsmen — butchered dozens of Christians, the number being counted as high as ninety five. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed 45 people in the latest clash believed to be part of ongoing land disputes between mainly Muslim herders and predominantly Christian farmers in central Nigeria, police said Monday.

Survivors put the death toll at nearer 100. Farmer Orji Dooga said he counted 95 bodies from Sunday’s attack on the village of Egba in Benue state.

Police suspect a band of Fulani herdsmen, Assistant Supt. Austin Ezeani said. Most victims were children, women and elderly people, he said.

“This is an area that has been volatile for some time,” Ezeani said. About 30 people were killed in a similar clash last month.

Dozens of Christians have just been butchered, and there has been very little coverage on this story so far. Why is it that there is more attention given for the killings of Christians in the Middle East than Christians in Africa or Pakistan? Truly there is a disturbing callousness when it comes to the slaughter of Christians in nations considered less important. And where are those “civil rights” activists in America striving to bring awareness for the African Christians being murdered in Nigeria?

If “Black lives matter,” as they love to say in their stupid hashtags, then where are the Black supremacists movements of America marching the streets for their fellow Africans in Nigeria?

The truth is that they don’t care about Christians, and they don’t care about blacks either. These mobsters in America are using the guise of “civil rights” to try to start a race war between whites and blacks, and they want to spark sedition against the police.

This is why we started Rescue Christians, to help save Christians in Pakistan where they are so ignored and little regarded. Unlike the mobsters in America who are constantly trying to start racial revolution by using the terms of “slavery” and “racism” to foster violence and hatred, we are actually saving people from real slavery and real hatred.

We have rescued, so far, 3000 Christian families from slavery in Pakistan. And we could not have done this without your help. Please help us save more Christians from slavery.