Meet The Dead Lone Wolf Terrorists Who Carried Out The Attack Aimed To Kill Christian Tourists In Tunisia

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The attack on the Tunisian Bardo Museum was carried out by Yasin Obeidi and Jaber Al-Khashnawi  while ISIS provides the names as Mahdi Al-Yahawi and Jaber Al-Khashnawi, members of Uqba bin Nafi terrorist organization that recently gave allegiance to ISIS. One of them, Al-Khashnawi was reported to have disappeared for three months calling from a cellphone from Iraq. His father reported him missing to the police and now he surfaced dead after committing the attack.


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The attack claimed the lives of 20 Christian tourists, Polish, Italian, German and Spanish and a Muslim, one Tunisian named Ayman Marjan from the police unit to combat terrorism including a K9 dog.


downed K9 dog

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They were lone wolves, a title given to terrorists who embrace the ISIS doctrine but do not belong to them organizationally.

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Ayman Marjan, police unit to combat terrorism

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photo of downed officer

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photo of victims


The type of terrorist is called Inghimasi. In the terrorism business there are two type. Istishhadi (suicidal by blowing self up) and Inghimashi, a well trained who carries explosives and light arms, he fights until he runs out of ammunition.

Al-Hadath, a middle east news source reported and ISIS affiliates tweeted the news as killing “crusaders” (Christians). While the media says “tourists”, this is true, but ISIS calls them “crusader Christians”. ISIS does not target a tourist because he/she is a tourist as all their tweets show:

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Translation: The results of the Tunisia Razzia (Islamic attack): The killing of 13 Crusader Christian tourist plus one enemy soldier. 21 injured. Martyrdom of the two lions


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Tweet: Urgent, hostages and at least 8 killed already at Bardo Museum in Tunisia by the lions of the Islamic State. Allah Akbar. Finally we have the good news that the Islamic State has entered Tunisia.

tu copy

Tweet from Abu Utba The Tunisian “Allah Akbar. The Lions of The State Martyred after killing one soldier and 8 Crusaders

People run for cover as security forces take aim (pixel)

Westerners being held hostage by gunmen in the Bardo museum (Twitter)

Security forces secure the area around the Bardo museum (AFP/Getty Images)

It is noteworthy that a battalion of Okba Ibn Nafi  partnering with Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia, pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS and threatened earlier to carry out attacks against the ruling regime in Tunisia, also claimed responsibility for the assassination of Chokri Belaid opposition leader Tunisia, last year.