Obama Got His Butt Kicked By A Jew And He Is All Ticked Off Because Netanyahu Used The Word “Arab”

Courtesy of The Right Scoop

Obama is reeling today after his efforts came to nil yesterday in the Israeli elections. And now he’s publicly attacking Netanyahu over his comments yesterday about Arabs being bussed to the polls by Leftists, having his press secretary say he’s “deeply concerned” about Netanyahu’s “divisive rhetoric” …

He also defends not having called Bibi yet, saying he will eventually get around to it:

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Also, sounds like John Kerry did call Netanyahu but didn’t say much at all:

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JPOST – Obama administration officials have publicly questioned the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for months, but on Wednesday, they largely remained stoic faced with questions on the prospect of two more years forced to work with the man.

Privately, the White House is expressing deep disappointment with the result of Tuesday’s elections, which they believe reinforces some of the greatest points of tension inflaming the relationship between Washington and Jerusalem. Netanyahu’s comments on the eve of the polls, apparently backing away from his support of a Palestinian state, particularly irked the president’s team.

Senior US officials were caught by a genuine sense of surprise with word of Isaac Herzog’s trouncing, as they had been relying on the same local polling data available to the public, two such officials told The Jerusalem Post. Other officials declined to characterize the White House reaction, reinforcing a generally muted and controlled response.

Pubrecito Obama, he got his butt kicked by a Jew and he is all ticked off because Netanyahu used the word “Arab”