Muslim Woman Gets In Her Car, Drives Right Into A Crowd Of Christians, And Crushes Three Christians To Death. The Police Then Let Her Go Free

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim woman in Pakistan, named Mariam Safdar, got into her car and crashed it right into a crowd of Christians, killing three and injuring 11 others. She was never punished, in fact, the police let her go free. I did a whole video on this:

According to one Pakistani Christian activist:

It is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Islamic justice where a Muslim can walk free on streets with pride after getting bail before arrest from a Muslim judge after killing 3 Christians

A Muslim woman murders three Muslims, and she is freed. Enraged Christians in Pakistan riot, and the safety of the whole Christian community is being jeopardized. This is pure illustrations of a Sharia state: its legal to kill Christians, but not Muslims. This is because — like social Darwinism — Muslims are seen as superior to Christians, and thus are justified to kill Christians. An example of Sharia state is Christian Egypt under Islam in the Middle Ages.

On one afternoon of June in 1320, mosques throughout Egypt were observing the Friday prayers, and in multiple congregations men arose and cried out “God [Allah] is great! God is great! O my brethren, let us go forth and destroy the churches!” In Cairo the same rallying cry was heard in three places at the same moment.

It was a calculated plot, the conspirators understood the easily shaken conscious of the masses, and it worked sufficiently to rouse the mob to violence. They attacked the church of Zehry, and not one stone of the santurary was left upon another. They then raided and ruined the church of St. Mena in the Hamra quarter. The mob broke through the Church of the Maiden, took out every nun and stripped them all naked, plundered the church of its valuables and then set it on fire.

The same rabble destroyed another 56 churches and countless convents. A crowed rushed to the sultan and screamed “Let there be no faith except that of Islam! God protect the faith of Mohammad! O thou commander of the faithful, help us against the infidels. No favour to the Christians!”

The sultan unwillingly acquiesced to the wants of the masses just as Pilot had done, and the crowed was ecstatic at such freedom given to them. The details of the violence is left only to our imagination, but we know that they ferociously reduced the Christians into servility, with any Christian caught wearing a white turban or riding a horse swiftly put to death. (Butcher, The of the Church of Egypt, vol. ii, part ii, ch. xxix, pp. 188-199)

This mob violence continued on for years. One Christian was tortured for a whole week and then beheaded for denouncing the wickedness and anarchy of the Muslims. Churches were frequently leveled to the ground and Christian tombs were torn open and the bodies burnt. One multitude of jihadists even went so far as to make a large pit to throw Christian in. (Butcher, The Story of the Church of Egypt, vol. ii, part ii, ch. xxx, pp. 205-206, 209)

One Christian named Gabriel was seized, and under the order of the sultan, tortured and forced to parade naked through the streets as an official screamed, “Thus shall it be done to every Christian in the employ of the Sultan.” (Butcher, The Story of the Church of Egypt, vol. ii, part ii, ch. xxxi, pp. 226)

This short history is part from my upcoming book on Christian militancy, which will be the most extensive research ever done on the subject of Christian warfare. But before the book comes out, please donate to help and rescue our brethren who are horrifically persecuted in Pakistan.