Obama Just Agreed: Four Billion American Tax Dollars Will Be Donated To The Muslim Military Of Afghanistan Every Year

By Theodore Shoebat

obama afghan copy

The Obama administration will be donating $4 billion of your tax dollars to the military of Afghanistan, every year for two fiscal years. According to a report on this story:

Officials have confirmed the US will continue to spend about $4 billion a year to fund Afghanistan’s military for the next two fiscal years. It is a sign of support for the government in Kabul, which Washington views as more cooperative than in the past.

The pledge means continued US funding for Afghan security forces at the peak level of 352,000 troops through the end of fiscal year 2017, a financial commitment costing about $4 billion a year, news agencies quoted US officials following the day of talks with Afghan leadership at Camp David.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, in office since September last year, is currently visiting the US. He is expected to meet with President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

In his remarks at the Pentagon on Monday, Ghani thanked the US troops for their sacrifices in his country, hoping that someday American veterans will visit Afghanistan as tourists so that Afghans “will be able to say thank you to each one of you personally, shake your hands, and invite you to our homes.”

Nearly one million US troops have been deployed to Afghanistan since 9/11. Over 20,000 were wounded and 2,215 killed during almost 14 years of war following the terror attacks in New York and Washington.

“We do not now ask what the United States can do for us,” Ghani said at the Pentagon, invoking the famous speech by John F. Kennedy. “We want to say what Afghanistan will do for itself and for the world,” Ghani said. “And that means we are going to put our house in order.”

Ghani did, however, ask Washington to continue funding the Afghan military and slow down the withdrawal of US troops, which the Obama administration intended to complete by 2017.

This is extremely dangerous. The Afghan government is not a secular state. Regardless of all the American influence that has come into Afghanistan, the nation is an Islamic state.

In 2006, Abdul Rahman was arrested for converting to Christianity and sentenced to death by the Afghan government. He was later released after enough international pressure. In 2011 Said Musa was arrested and given the death penalty by the Afghan state for converting Christianity, only to later be released.

Shoaib Assadullah was arrested by the Afghan government in 2011 because he gave a Bible to someone who would later report him. He was sentenced to prison by the same Afghan government that the US is helping, with your tax dollars of course.

Expect the Afghan soldiers to be using American training against Americans, and the Western world, funded by the American citizen himself.