NORWAY: A mainly Christian municipality submits to Islamic supremacism, with blasting of Muslim Call to Prayer and raping of very young Norwegian girls by Muslims

By BI: The mosque in Sandnessjøen begins its Friday prayers with an outdoor call to prayer which can be heard in the vicinity of the mosque. If that isn’t bad enough, a huge amplifier now will be installed outside the the mosque to ensure that the highly offensive Islamic call to prayer can be heard throughout the entire mainly Christian neighborhood.

This is what the eardrum-shattering, mind-numbingly loud Islamic Call to Prayer will sound like, first on Fridays only, soon on a daily basis, up to five times per day:

Speisa  The municipality has given the permission for this to become a weekly event (soon to become a multiple time daily one) in the town center, which has created angry reactions among non-muslim people in the municipality. “We are not in Mecca, and they need to see the difference between Mecca and Sandnessjøen,” says Stein Bjorn Mentzoni.

“It is completely outrageous. It belongs abroad, where they come from. I do not think it belongs here, but they do as they please,” says Elin Jørgensen.

Muslim demonstrators gather at University Square in Oslo to protest against drawings of Muhammad, calling for Norway’s 9/11

Muslim demonstrators gather at University Square in Oslo to protest against drawings of Muhammad, calling for Norway’s 9/11

Spokesperson for the Muslim Association Masjid in Sandnessjøen, convert Tanja Bryn Lund, is looking forward to implementing the outdoors call to prayer, and compares it to church bells. “What is new is that we take the call to prayer outside. It is part of the Muslim worship in the same way that church bells are part of the Christian worship,” says Bryn Lund.


The Association will start this during Ramadan and will consider continuing with outdoors call to prayer every Friday. Tanja Bryn Lund understands that people are skeptical. “There is much negative focus on Islam in the media, and the turmoil in the world perhaps makes people skeptical.”


The dhimmi mayor of the municipality, Bård Anders Lango (Labour), believes the criticism is due to ignorance. He welcomes the intrusion by Muslim supremacists on the citizens of Norway. “I think it’s about that this is something we have not had in the municipality before and people think that they do not want this.”


Virtually ALL rapes of Christian girls in Oslo are committed by Muslim immigrants:

NORWAY’s Christians are being persecuted by Muslims in their own country: