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CANADIAN SUPREME COURT rules in favor of company that denied flight training lessons to a Pakistani Muslim

BY BI: The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Bombardier, a Montreal-based company, did not discriminate against Javed Latif, a Canadian of Pakistani origin, when it denied him a training course on one of its jets. The Court rejected an appeal from a Canadian pilot who claimed he was discriminated against by Bombardier Inc., based on […]

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Saeed Abedini Says: ‘Since Obama Just Made This Deal With Iran, I Am Now More In Danger Because The Muslims In The Prison Are Now Getting More Anti-Christian’

By Theodore Shoebat Saeed Abedini has recently said that because of Obama’s deal with Iran he is now even more in danger because the anti-American and anti-Christian sentiments in the prison are growing in intensity as a result. While being held in captivity in the Rajai Shahr Prison, Saeed Abedini explained this to the American […]

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NEW JERSEY Republican councilman apologizes for calling the Chattanooga Muslim terrorist killer “Muslim scum”

By BI: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez IS a Muslim. He gunned down five unarmed U.S. military personnel at 2 recruiting offices in Chattanooga. He spent several months in the al-Qaeda stronghold of Yemen. His Facebook posts were becoming increasingly radicalized. If this isn’t “Muslim scum,” what is? Washington Times  A New Jersey councilman stupidly apologized Wednesday after […]

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Hindus Are Now Driving Christians Out Of Their Homes, And Want To Make India Absent Of All Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India are driving Christians out of their homes and forcing them to leave. The fundamentalist Hindus want a Christian free India, just like ISIS wants a Christian free Middle East. Just look at whats happening in India’s Jharkhand state, where a Hindus mob began to force Christians out of their […]

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Muslims Systematically Take Mentally And Physically Handicapped People And Horrifically Torture Them And Butcher Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq — all members of ISIS — are now systemically massacring the mentally and physically handicap, and also torturing them. They do this because they are of Satan, and Satan hates humanity. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: The Islamic State’s limitless brutality is known […]

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Major US General, John Allen, Says That Christians In Iraq Need To Have Their Own State And He Is Absolutely Right. The Christians Should Rule Over Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat Major US General, John Allen, has said that Christians in Iraq should be given the freedom to have self-government and autonomy. In other words, they should have the authority to have their own state, to a certain extent. According to the report: Christians in Syria have welcomed the statement by US General […]

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The Boy Scouts Will Be Accepting Openly Homosexual Leaders, And They Will Rape And Sodomize Young Boys

By Theodore Shoebat  The Boy Scouts are expected to be accepting openly adult homosexual leaders, and this most dangerous move will only further enable these sodomites to rape and sexually molest young boys and male youths. On Monday the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America will be officiating the decision to allow […]

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