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Let Nobody Deceive You, Christianity And The Holy Scriptures Will Always Reject And Combat Homosexuality

By Theodore Shoebat Let nobody deceive you, Christianity and the Holy Scriptures will always reject homosexuality. The enemies of Christ will deceptively use the argument such as, “Why do you Christians go against homosexuality, yet you do not follow the dietary laws in Leviticus. You eat shellfish, wear clothes of different fabrics. You break all […]

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WATCH: Conservative Woman Demolishes Lesbian Over Same Sex Marriage And The Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Watch this conservative woman, Candace Cameron Bure, demolish this hideous Lesbian on the view over same-sex “marriage” and the current persecution of Christians being done by the homosexual agenda. The dyke lesbian said in the brief argument, ” “I refuse to associate myself with you right now. Is that OK?” I would […]

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Major ISIS Leader Becomes So Depressed Because He Is Killing People, That He Asks A Christian For A Bible, Reads The Scriptures, And Then Rejects Islam And Accepts Christ

By Theodore Shoebat A major ISIS leader, who was teaching terrorists on Islamic jihad and violence, became so depressed on the killing that he was participating in. So one day, as he was in a cab, he asked the taxi driver for a Bible, and the driver said that he knew a Christian who would […]

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The Government Of Belgium Fights Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians, And Rescues 200 Christians From Being Slaughtered By Muslims By Bringing Them Into Belgium

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Belgium is fighting against the Islamic persecution of Christians, by rescuing 200 Christians and bringing them into their country from Syria, and thus preventing them from being slaughtered by ISIS Muslims. According to the report: Some 240 people, mainly Christians, have been brought out of Syria’s second city of […]

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Homosexuals Now Want The US Government To Fire Any Military Chaplain Who Opposes Homosexuality

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexual activists want to remove any military chaplain who opposes homosexuality. A homosexual advocate is now pushing for this type of tyranny. I did a whole video on this: Just read this latest story: Christian chaplains opposing same-sex relationships are being asked by a homosexual advocate to be removed from the United […]

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