Archive | July 4, 2015

NETHERLANDS: Teenage Muslim terrorist wannabes practice violent jihad on Dutch kids

By BI: REVERSE ETHNIC CLEANSING? Unless the Dutch come to their senses and elect Geert Wilders as their prime minister, the Netherlands is done. Muslims beat up and kick a young Dutch girl: Muslim teenage gang attacks Dutch boy and his dog…more than likely because he had a dog with him:

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WHAT NEXT? Muslim maternity modesty pants to protect a mother’s ‘modesty’ during childbirth

By BI: A Malaysian clothing company has created maternity pants which conceal a women’s ‘intimate parts’ (aurat) during childbirth. The garment is produced by the online store ‘MamaPride’ which claims a lot of women in their Muslim-majority country ‘do not agree’ with male doctors delivering their baby. (No, it’s the male husbands who ‘do not agree’ with […]

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MORE UK CLUELESSNESS: Three Welsh teachers will show solidarity with Muslim students by fasting for 19 hours

By BI: The trio will fast in an effort to counter the exploding ‘Islamophobia’ wave in the UK and to show others that the Islamic community and its violent, misogynistic, anti-Christian/anti-Jewish, hateful and bigoted culture are “nothing to be afraid of.” PressTV  “Seeing the efforts they make to study while doing Ramadan, we wanted to show we […]

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HAPPY 4TH of JULY! Did you know that some of the dumbest people on earth live in California?

By BI: You can bet they know a lot about gay marriage, transgender freaks, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, and illegal alien “rights.” Even worse, these people are allowed to vote. Oh, wait, there’s more. Apparently, foreigners seem seem to know more about American history than these graduates of American government schools. But now you know […]

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