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Obama Is Involving The U.S. With Turkey And NATO For The Upcoming Major Battle: An Islamic Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat Megiddo, critics say is nothing much but a farmland in northern Israel. They also say that Dabiq, in Syria,  is nothing much but farmland as well. But it is these two farmlands that are the spark for Armageddon: Dabiq for the Muslims and Megiddo for the Christians. And when it comes to Dabiq, things […]

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Hindus Take Christian Pastor And Tell Him To Renounce Christ. He Says No. They Bury Him In The Ground All The Way Up To Neck And Leave Him There For Two Days. When He Asks For A Little Water, They Urinate In His Mouth. They Tell Him To Renounce Christ Again, He Says No, The Hindus Then Beat His Head With Axes And Clubs Until He Dies

By Theodore Shoebat A Pentecostal pastor named Rajesh Digal was captured by Hindus who told him to convert to Hinduism. He said no, and they severely beat him. They urged him again to convert to Hinduism and like a true imitation of Christ, he refused. They buried him in the ground all the way up […]

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Man Declares Islam To Be A False Religion And Leaves Islam, Muslims Behead Him And Then Crucify His Corpse

By Theodore Shoebat  ISIS Muslims beheaded a man in Syria and then crucified his body, for leaving Islam. We suspect that he is a convert to Islam. I did a whole video on this with photos of the murder: On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “Ridda,” or defection […]

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Another American Muslim (actually the 57th) Caught Attempting To Detonate Weapon Of Mass Destruction On A Florida Beach And Then Attack With AK47s

By Walid Shoebat This time its a 23-year-old American Muslim convert who has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Harlem Suarez, also known as his Muslim name Almlak (The Angel) Benitez, of Key West, Florida, was charged over an alleged plot to detonate a backpack bomb on a beach. SUAREZ also discussed […]

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