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Turkey’s Attack On ISIS Is A Conspiracy Orchestrated By Obama And Erdogan In Order To Advance The Islamic Caliphate

By Walid Shoebat The charade began when Americans got excited when Turkish warplanes directly began to target ISIS locations early Saturday for a second straight day. But then all of the sudden, Turkey switched plans and opened a second front, not on ISIS, but against the PKK Kurdish rebel sites that were fighting ISIS. The […]

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CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN IDAHO: Barack Hussein Obama’s latest unscreened Muslim immigrant dumping ground

By BI: Christian pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim, warns of Obama’s sinister policy designed to turn Idaho into an Islamic welfare state, dumping thousands of totally unscreened Muslim colonizers and potential Islamic jihadists, into this small conservative, predominantly Christian state. RELATED STORIES/VIDEOS: idaho-citizens-demand-closure-of-muslim-illegal-alien-center-that-is-importing-unscreened-muslim-syrians-along-with-potential-islamic-state-terrorists  

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BRILLIANT! Former Marine dons Knights Templar costume to scare away potential Muslim terrorists from New York military recruiting center

By BI: Hopefully, he was armed as well. The Obama Regime has announced it will crack down on armed American citizens who have placed themselves outside of ‘gun-free’ military recruitment offices in order to guard them against attacks from Muslim terrorists as in Chattanooga, TN. Raw Story  Decked out in full Renaissance Faire regalia, a […]

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Did you know that after 5 years, most Muslim ‘refugees’ in America don’t work, won’t assimmilate, and likely will remain on the government dole for life?

By BI: Even worse, the “Jihad Caucus” made up of 14 Democrat Senators, wants to bring at least 65,000 UNSCREENED Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’ into the country in the next year, many of whom potentially could be Islamic State ISIS terrorists.

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British tourists flock to “safe haven” of Spain, oblivious to the fact that Spain is on red alert for an attack by Islamic State (ISIS) Muslim terrorists

By BI: A RECORD numbers of Britons are flocking to Spain in a bid to avoid holiday Islamic terror hotspots. Huge crowds packed the beaches around Benidorm this week after shunning resorts in Tunisia and Turkey over fears of another Islamic terror attack. However, the Iberian country is facing its highest level of terror threat in more than 10 years, with UK […]

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