Archive | July 25, 2015

The State Of Kentucky Is Now Forbidding Christian Pastors From Calling Homosexuality “Sinful”

By Theodore Shoebat The state of Kentucky is now forbidding its volunteer pastors, who are part of government counselors for juvenile criminals, from preaching against homosexuality and calling it sinful. As we read from the report: The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting […]

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Rep. Peter King: ISIS Is Commanding Muslims In The US To Kill American Soldiers And Police Officers

By Theodore Shoebat Rep. Peter King has affirmed that ISIS is urging its Islamic follower in America to target American soldiers and police officers. According to the report: Rep. Peter King said Saturday that the Islamic State was using social media to “urge people to … kill in place” and hinted that the terrorists may […]

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Islam Is Slaughtering People Every Single Day, The Western World Is Helping In The Killing, And It Is Up To Us To Help Save Our Fellow Christians

By Theodore Shoebat  A few months ago I heard a pastor — who is quite educated in Church history — give a sermon, saying that Islam is a great religion. He condemned people for saying that Muslims should not be allowed into the country, or that they should be deported, as “un-Christ like,” and even […]

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Watch President Of Kenya Telling Obama: You Will NOT Impose The ‘Gay Rights’ Agenda In Kenya

By Walid Shoebat “We need to speak frankly about these things” says President Kenyatta in response to Obama’s statement that Kenya must share the same values as the United States on gay rights issues. Kenyatta, at the press conference this morning in Kenya, snubs Obama and continued showing zero tolerate to Obama’s belaboring trying to […]

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