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Muslims Knock On The Door Of A Christian Home, A Young Girl Answers, They Kidnap Her And Put Her In A Taxi And Drive Away. Her Grandfather (Who Is A Pastor) Chases After The Taxi, But Is Unable To Save Her

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Baghdad knocked on the door of a Christian family’s home. When the daughter, Juliana George, answered the door, four men captured her and took her into a taxi and sped away. Her grandfather, Joseph, who is a priest, chased after the cab and grabbed onto the door, but he fell […]

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ISIS Puts Bomb In Christian Church, Blows It Up And Murders Four Children

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS put a bomb in a Christian church and blew it up, slaughtering four children who were near the church. According to one Mid-East report: The Islamic State, or ISIS, has blown up on Monday an historic Christian church in Mosul known as the Mother of Aid. Saeed Mamuzini, media officer of […]

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Muslims Sneak Up To Ten Christians As They Are Sleeping, And Butcher All Of Them In Cold Blood. One Woman Pleads For Her Life, And They Butcher Her Without Mercy

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Kenya, all members of al-Shabaab, snuck up to several Christians as they were asleep and slaughtered all of them. They ended up killing over ten Christians. Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, a leader for al-Shabaab, boasted of the killing, saying: We are behind the Mandera attack. We killed over 10 Kenyan […]

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Muslims Commit Major Massacre, Attack A Church, Murder The Pastor And Four Other Christians, They Then Burn Down Thirty Two Churches, Murder Dozens Of Christians, Killing 100 People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims committed a major massacre in Nigeria. They attacked a church, murdered the pastor and killed four other Christians. They then butchered another 44 people, blowing up a mosque and an Islamic restaurant. Three days before the massacre, they burned down 32 churches, massacring dozens of Christians. Overall, they butchered around 100 […]

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SHOCKING! BBC rejects British Prime Minister’s demand to stop using the term “Islamic State” when referring to the Islamic State terrorist group

By BI: BRITISH PM DAVID Cameron recently joined the chorus of British politicians who argue that the name “Islamic State” is offensive to Muslims and should be banned from the English vocabulary. And, of course, as everyone knows, David Cameron understands Islam so much better than any Islamic scholar. Clarion Project The BBC has rejected demands by British […]

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Most dangerous flag in America is NOT the Confederate flag…it is the ISIS flag and the Rainbow flag of homofascism

By BI: The flag of ISIS and the Rainbow flag represent fascist threats to America and Christianity. Both of them stand for sexual prevision and the war on freedom, on God and on God’s people. Barack Hussein Obama has already hung the Rainbow flag on the White House. How long before he flies the flag […]

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The Homosexual Movement Is The Most Hateful And Most Vile Group In All Of The Western World

By Theodore Shoebat The homosexual movement is the most hateful and most vile group in all of the Western world. The sodomites are supremacists; they believe that they have the superior lifestyle, a disposition and constitution more superior than the “others,” who they consider as inferior breeders. This is the ideology of sodomism. Sodomism is […]

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