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STOLEN VALOR: Major Con Artist Deceives Christians To Steal Money From Them, Says That He Was A Special Forces Captain And A CIA Agent. Christian Man Confronts Him And Gets It On Film

By Walid Shoebat busts a major con-man who in the past brought the attention of the FBI, Senator John McCain and even John Kerry. A major embezzler and con-artist is finally exposed, confronted and recorded for the whole Christian community to beware. Here is how the story goes: My associate Keith gets called by an […]

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Mormons Are Now Demanding That The State Recognize Polygamy, And They Are Completely Inspired By The Supreme Court Decision To Fully Recognize Homosexual Marriage

By Theodore Shoebat A Mormon man in Montana is now threatening to sue the state of Montana if it refuses to recognize his polygamist union with two women. Many of us were warning that the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize homosexual “marriage,” will only enable other perverts to get their perversity protected and recognized by […]

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Major Church Leader Calls For A Crusade In Syria To Protect Christians And Fight And Kill ISIS. 100 Christian Young Men Answer The Call And Are Now In Battle To Fight ISIS And Defend Their Homes And Churches

By Theodore Shoebat The Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Ignatius Aphrem II, has called for a Crusade in Syria to protect the Christian areas in Hasaka, an area where ISIS has invaded and from where around 4000 Christians escaped in the most recent exodus. 100 young men answered the call of the Patriarch and […]

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NEW VIDEO: Muslims Take Twenty Five Innocent People Into An Ancient Roman Coliseum And Slaughters All Of Them In Order To Entertain A Whole Crowd Of Muslims

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A new video was just released showing Muslim teenagers slaughtering twenty-five innocent people, who are said to have been Syrian soldiers, in an ancient Roman coliseum in Palmyra, Syria, in order to entertain a whole mob of ISIS Muslims: According to one report: The Islamic State of Iraq and the […]

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IDAHO citizens want closure of Muslim illegal alien center that is importing unscreened Syrian Muslims along with potential Islamic State terrorists

By BI:  Syria Muslim refugee resettlement is a ‘backdoor for jihadists.’ A long-standing refugee welcoming center in conservative Idaho has found itself at the center of a campaign by adversaries seeking to force it closed, citing fears that the Muslim illegal aliens it hosts could include a large number of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists. ISIS has […]

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