Archive | July 30, 2015

US-Coalition Air Force Slaughters 15,000 ISIS Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The US-Coalition air force has slaughtered 15,000 ISIS terrorists since 2014. According to the report: Over 15,000 Islamic State members have been killed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes since the campaign began nearly a year ago, as the militant Islamist group displays a dichotomy of weakened resilience. The U.S.-led coalition conducted more than […]

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Two Christian Pastors Send A Letter To A Church To Encourage Them, They Get Accused Of Being Spies And Are Now Sentenced To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Two Christian pastors in South Sudan (a secular and traditionally Christian nation) sent a letter to a church in North Sudan (a Muslim nation) to encourage them. The pastors, due to tensions between the two nations, were accused of being spies and are now face a death sentence by South Sudan. Here […]

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Muslim Man Kidnaps Christian Woman Who Has Three Children And Forces Her To Be His Sex Slave And “Property”

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man named Muhammad Nazir kidnapped a Christian woman who is a mother of three, named Fouzia Sadiq, and she is now his sex slave and “property.” According to the report: A Christian mother of three has been kidnapped and forced into an Islamic marriage in Pakistan, campaigners say. Fouzia Sadiq […]

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While The State Is Taking Down The Ten Commandments, The City Of Detroit Just Erected A Giant Statue Of Satan. Christians Are Now Declaring That They Will Fight Back

By Theodore Shoebat While the Ten Commandments are being pulled down throughout the country, the city of Detroit just erected a giant statue of Satan. Christians in Detroit are fighting back. Catholic group, Church Militant, brought in a 6-foot statue of St. Michael, the angel who cast out Satan, while 50 Christians stood outside praying. […]

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