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Muslims Tell Boy To Do Construction Work At A Local Mosque, The Boy Refuses And The Muslims Horrifically Torture Him

By Theodore Shoebat A ten year old boy in Pakistan was beaten and horrifically tortured for refusing to do labor in a mosque. Here is a photo of the boy in the hospital: A 10-year-old boy in Pakistan was allegedly tortured with a stick by his Islamic school teacher after he refused to do construction […]

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Muslim Boy Takes Man And Saws His Head Off

A Muslim boy — who is a member of the Islamic State — sawed a man’s head off and held up the head like it was a trophy: According to the report: A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a young boy soldier beheading a Syrian army officer in Palmyra, Syria. According […]

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ISIS Just Made This Statement To Praise The Killings Of Four Marines In Chattanooga: “Taste The Blood Of Americans, It Is Very Good”

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just made this statement in praise of the killings of four marines in Chattanooga: UPDATE: to read the man’s manifesto (which is not included here, you are better off reading our latest update on his Jihadi mindset, click here which also includes what has been written here and more) The murderer of […]

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ISIS Just Kidnapped Three Christians, And It Looks Like They Are All Going To Be Slaughtered

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just kidnapped three Christians, Bekhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid, from Egypt, and two Christians from Ghana named Sekyere Kofi Frimpong and Aedola Ibrahim. Here are the pictures that just got released of their ID and their captivity: According to one report: Islamic State has kidnapped three African Christians in eastern Libya, the […]

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MOROCCO: ‘Crusader Mouse’ sneaks into mosque causing stampede of Muslims, injuring 80

By BI: A mouse has been blamed for triggering a stampede at a mosque in Morocco which left 80 people injured. Officials said the panic erupted in Casablanca’s Hassan II mosque while it was packed with Muslim worshippers celebrating Ramadan. UK Daily Mail  Officials said the rush happened in Casablanca’s Hassan II mosque while it was full of […]

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