MORE UK CLUELESSNESS: Three Welsh teachers will show solidarity with Muslim students by fasting for 19 hours

By BI: The trio will fast in an effort to counter the exploding ‘Islamophobia’ wave in the UK and to show others that the Islamic community and its violent, misogynistic, anti-Christian/anti-Jewish, hateful and bigoted culture are nothing to be afraid of.”


PressTV  “Seeing the efforts they make to study while doing Ramadan, we wanted to show we empathise and want to show that there is community support within the community here,” the teachers told WalesOnline.

“By participating in the “fast,” (actually, just missing lunch) we hope to show solidarity with our Muslim students as well as those in our local community.” “The more we can connect with different peoples and their cultures, the better,” said Andrew Bodgin, one of the three staff members who teach at the Celtic English Academy in Cardiff.


The three teachers will fast on Friday, July 3. They will go without food or water from dawn to dusk or 19 hours to raise awareness of the Holy fasting Month of Ramadan.

The teachers will break their fast at sundown this at Cardiff’s Dar Ul-Isra mosque, where needy people including the homeless, regardless of faith, are offered three-course meal after Iftar, during the fasting month of Ramadan. Now, Jalal Mohabbat, the Founder of Eid Celebration Committee, believes that charity acts can help battle ‘Islamophobia’ in the Western communities.

During this month, adult Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, then gorge themselves all night long, as part of a religious obligation which is meant to promote self-restraint as well as spiritual values.


“Things like that, are very helpful, helping people to get to know another type of society and will always definitely help overcome Islamophobia in all kind of racist situations,” (What ‘race’ is Islam?) Jalal Mohabbat told Press TV’s UK Desk on Tuesday.

He also pointed to the fasting campaign by the Welsh teachers and called a very “beautiful” move which can lead to learning and benefiting from one another.