HSBC Muslim staffers in London fired after staging a mock Islamic State (ISIS)-style beheading

By BI: The five Muslim HSBC bank employees apparently thought that staging the mock beheading would be an exercise in “team-building.” Evidently it was, now the entire team is together on the unemployment line.


NY Daily News  Sickening footage that emerged Monday showed five HSBC workers in Britain pretending to decapitate a co-worker while screaming out “Allahu Akbar”—which means “God is greater” in Arabic.

Video obtained by The Sun shows bank staffers dressed in black jumpsuits and balaclavas standing by a co-worker in an orange jumpsuit down on his knees. One of the men in black holds what appeared to be a coat hanger. Another shouts out “Allahu Akbar” before raising the hanger above Saf Ahmed’s head.

HSBC has fired all those involved in the footage and apologized for the controversy caused.