NEW JERSEY Republican councilman apologizes for calling the Chattanooga Muslim terrorist killer “Muslim scum”

By BI: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez IS a Muslim. He gunned down five unarmed U.S. military personnel at 2 recruiting offices in Chattanooga. He spent several months in the al-Qaeda stronghold of Yemen. His Facebook posts were becoming increasingly radicalized. If this isn’t “Muslim scum,” what is?



Washington Times  A New Jersey councilman stupidly apologized Wednesday after receiving criticism for a post he made on Facebook that called Chattanooga gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez “Muslim scum.”

“Murdering bastard. Rot in hell Muslim scum,” Hamilton Councilman Ed Gore, a Republican, wrote hours after Abdulazeez shot and killed five U.S. military service members July 16, The Trentonian reported. When someone responded by telling Mr. Gore not to hold back, he added, “Oh I never hold back on domestic terrorists.”


Imam Qareeb Bashir, president of the Islamic Council of Greater Trenton, said he was “appalled and really disappointed” in Mr. Gore’s comments. Mr. Bashir said he hopes the councilman “will use this as a point of reflection and make a public apology to all of the citizens of Hamilton and specifically the Muslim population of Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We expect more from our elected officials.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Gore explained that he didn’t mean any offense to Muslims. “Certainly I don’t mean all Muslims are scum,” he told The Trentonian. “If I offended any Muslims, I am sorry. I would certainly hope all Muslims would join me in condemning the murder of innocent Americans anywhere in the world.

“I am not some type of anti-Muslim kook,” Mr. Gore said. (“Anti-Muslim kook?“ Like the people who keep trying to warn you about violent Muslim jihadists on American soil kooks?) “I wish I would have clarified it more and am sorry if I offended anybody. I want to let people know it was the emotion of the time. You think with your head and not with your heart.”