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If you can’t cut it off, twist it off! (WARNING: Very Graphic footage)

By BI: Hey, Obama, this is the real “JV Team.” Al-Qaeda linked jihadists from Jabhat Al-Nusra release a video depicting the messy beheading of two young Syrian men. Knife sharpener, anyone? CLICK SCREEN BELOW TWICE TO SEE VIDEO ‘BEHEADINGS’ have everything to do with Islam and Islam has everything to do with ISIS. Beheadings are the way of […]

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FRANCE: Gee, I wonder who would crash their cars at full speed through a cow pasture, breaking the legs of several cows, then cutting them up while they were alive and stealing the meat?

By BI: Well, we wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions, but this barbaric act took place in the area of Haute Saone, a town that is on the official French list of 750 “sensitive areas,” better known as dangerous Muslim NO-GO ZONES in France. Estrepublicain  The other night two drivers smashed their cars through a 30-meter fence […]

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GOTTA LOVE THE CZECHS for the bold ‘in-your-face’ way they have of expressing their disdain for Islam

BY BI: PRAGUE: The followers of the ‘We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic’ and the ‘Bloc Against Islam’ groups installed statues of the torsos of Muslim women stoned to death under sharia law, in order to warn their fellow countrymen about the inherent danger of Islam and growing threat to their nation from […]

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SWEDEN: Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEA indicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims

By BI: The Swedish government and media are doing their best to conceal any evidence that the Eritrean knife attackers who killed two people in IKEA were Muslims. But an independent photo obtained appears to show that at least one of the victims was beheaded in the store. Thanks to Vlad Tepes, we now have a photo […]

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