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Black Supremacist Mob Blocks The Road With “Black Lives Matter,” Fed Up American Keeps On Driving And The Mob Runs Away In Fear

By Theodore Shoebat Black Life Matters, White Life Matters, I am sick of the whole thing. A group of 30 “Black Life Matters” protesters having the blues over the death of Michael Brown stretched out across both sides of the interstate about 5:20 p.m. Monday, which prevented any cars from going through Interstate 70, just […]

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Major General Of The US Military Reveals Secrets That No One Was Suppose To Know: Obama Is An Agent For Major Terrorists And Is Working In A Conspiracy To Advance The Islamic Empire Of The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat We decided to repost this article to make sure it gets the attention it so deserves. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn became “the highest ranking intelligence official to go on record,” saying the US and other states, notably Turkey and the Gulf Arab states, were sponsoring Al-Qaeda-led rebels in Syria with political support […]

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“THANK YOU, JERRY BROWN, Governor of California, for giving Donald Trump another boost in the polls”

By BI: Gov. Jerry Brown is very proud that California has now banned use of the word “alien” (as in ‘illegal alien’) from Labor Laws because it discriminates against illegal aliens looking for jobs and gives preference to American citizens. Truth Revolt  California legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown have banned the use of “illegal alien”s from the state—or […]

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US Ex-intelligence Chief Spills The Beans And Exposes Washington For Aiding The Antichrist (Americans Must Learn How They Are Being Deceived)

By Walid Shoebat Lieutenant General Michael Flynn became “the highest ranking intelligence official to go on record,” saying the US and other states, notably Turkey and the Gulf Arab states, were sponsoring Al-Qaeda-led rebels in Syria with political support and weapons in an attempt to overthrow President Bashar Assad. The classified DIA report presented in […]

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The Government Of New York Just Placed A Giant Image Of Satan On The Empire State Building To Convince People To Worship The Devil (The End Times Are Coming)

By Theodore Shoebat New York City, the most pro-abortion city of America, just placed a giant image of Satan on the Empire State Building, in order to convince people to worship and revere “Mother Nature,” which is really just a deceptive way of getting people to worship the devil. The image is specifically that of […]

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Did you know there are at least 55 ‘NO-GO Zones’ in Sweden where Christians dare not go and where Swedish law no longer exists?

By BI: Large residential areas are developing into all-Muslim enclaves where the Swedish authorities are sidelined. These areas are controlled by large Muslim clans, who have formed ‘sharia’ gangs that contribute nothing to the community except crime, rape, vandalism, and violence. 10 News  Jacob Ekström is policeman. He is tired of keeping silent about the terrible knowledge […]

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‘ISLAMOMANIA’ IN ACTION: Muslim father lets his own daughter drown rather than have her touched by ‘male’ rescuers

By BI: The Muslim father stopped the rescue team from saving her because he preferred she die rather than be ‘dishonored’ by being touched by a strange man. Irish Mirror  A woman drowned off the coast of Dubai when her father stopped male lifeguards trying to save her because it would ‘dishonour’ her. The man reportedly grappled with […]

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Are Christians being systematically purged from the U.S. military?

By BI: If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama’s version of the U.S. military. Christian service members all over the nation are being disciplined for reading their Bibles, talking about their faith publicly and encouraging others to live a moral lifestyle. And just saying the name of “Jesus” […]

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Major ISIS Leader Sends Out This Message To The Islamic World: “Kill Any Christians You Can Find. Christians Can Be Easily Found. You Can Use Anything. For Example, A Car. Video The Process … Run Them Over While Passing.”

By Theodore Shoebat An ISIS spokesman by the name of Abu Karimah Indonesi, who is from Indonesia, sent out this message to the Islamic world, calling for the murder of Christians, encouraging them to run over Christians with cars and get it on film: Kill any salibis [Christians] you can find. Salibis [Christians] can be […]

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Muslims Take Christian Girl And Tell Her To Convert To Islam, She Says She Will Never Deny Christ And Will Never Accept Allah. The Muslims Tie Her To A Tree And Take Turns Anally Raping Her For Weeks. They Then Cut A Hole Into Her Body And Rape Her Through The Wound

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian girl in Pakistan was captured by Muslims and told to convert to Islam. She affirmed that she would never deny Christ and would never accept Allah. The Muslims sold her into sex slavery and the Muslims who bought her did something truly sinister to her: they tied her to a […]

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