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Satanists Create Many Blasphemous Images Of Jesus Christ. They Make One Statue Of A Man Holding Jesus While His Penis Is Exposed. Christians March In, Confront The Devil Worshippers, And Destroy The Evil Images (Christians Rise Up!)

By Theodore Shoebat Satan worshippers who hate God, in Russia, conducted an “art” exhibit in which they presented many images that were blasphemous of our Lord Jesus Christ. One part of the exhibit was of a deformed figure holding holding Jesus while its penis was exposed. Here is one of the diabolical images: It was […]

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Muslim Man Gets Job Working For A Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, And Wants To Sell Secrets About The Carrier To Other Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man who worked for the Navy is being charged for trying to sell secrets about a nuclear aircraft carrier to other Muslims. According to the report: A naturalized American citizen working for the Navy was arrested Friday for attempting to sell technical information about the nuclear aircraft carrier Gerald R. […]

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Donald Trump Is Right, Rosie O’Donnell Is A Fat Pig, She Just Said: ‘I Want To Take My Period Blood And Smear It On The Faces Of All Those Who Hate Abortion’

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump is right, Rosei O’Donnell is a fat pig. While Trump was chided for calling Rosie a ‘fat pig’ and ‘disgusting animal’ what many don’t want to admit — regardless of being faced with an illustrative truth — is that she is truly monstrous. She just said that she wants to […]

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