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Muslims Believe That All Those Who Aren’t Muslim, Are Their Property

By Thomas King Recently, a friend has asked me a question regarding what does the Qu’ran teach regarding the taking of property of non-Muslims. The simple answer to begin with is that the verses in the Qu’ran regarding punishment of theft and opposing theft is only for Muslims in relation to other Muslims, and hence […]

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Devil Worshippers Attack Christian School In Illinois, Smash Thirty Five Windows And Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damages (The Satanists Want To Kill Christians)

By Theodore Shoebat An evil group of people in Illinois, who are obviously satanic and worshippers of the devil, attacked a Christians school, and caused thousands of dollars in damages. Here is the report: Vandals smashed windows and threw around books at Sister Thea Bowman School in East St. Louis. More than 35 window panes […]

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Planned Parenthood “Doctor” Pulls Out A Child From His Mother, Opens The Child’s Head, And Then Orders Another Employee To Pull Out His Brain And Sells It For Profit

By Theodore Shoebat The latest video exposing Planned Parenthood reveals that the human slaughter house is take the brains of children to sell them. This is something that sounds like a horror movie. But it is true horror; it is the manifestation of Satan and his evil works. The video includes an interview of a […]

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Protestant Donald Trump Behaves Like A Better Christian Than Catholic Jeb Bush Who Slanders Trump On Abortion

Walid Shoebat God hates slander. After watching the following video of Jeb Bush falsely saying that “he [Donald Trump] until recently supported partial-birth abortion,” I knew I was looking at a Judas bashing Paul: While one man (Bush) says “I am a proven conservative with a record, I have been consistently pro-life, I have cut taxes …  ” the […]

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Muslims Capture Major Archeologist And Torture Him To Get Him To Reveal Where Ancient Artifacts Are Hidden. He Refuses, And They Cut His Head Off And Put His Body On Display

By Theodore Shoeabr Muslims in Syria — all members of ISIS — captured a major archeologist named Khaled Asaad, tortured him, cut his head off and placed his body on display. They tortured him in order to coerce him to reveal where hidden artifacts lied. Asaad, a true advocate for archeology, refused to give the […]

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Video Shows Muslims Tie Christian Child To A Poll And Beat Him To Death And Laugh About It

By Theodore Shoebat A recently leaked video from Bangladesh shows Muslims beating and torturing a Christian child, eventually killing him. Although the death is not seen in the video, the torturing that leads to the death is. As can be seen in the video, the Muslim antichrists tied the boy up to keep him from […]

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Christian Man Says That Homosexuality Is Against God, Homosexual Takes Out A Knife And Stabs The Christians For Upholding The Bible

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man in Canada said that homosexuality is against God; a homosexual that was present was so enraged that he stabbed the Christian for simply upholding the Bible. Here is the report: A 26-year-old Mennonite missionary was violently stabbed in the back on Friday by a pro-LGBTQ woman who became aggressive […]

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INDIA: Two Muslim brothers beheaded their teenage sister and carried her head through their village because of her alleged affair with a cousin

By BI: Two brothers, enraged by the affair their 17-year-old sister was carrying on with a cousin, beheaded the girl and marched around the village with the severed, bleeding head. Reports say that the brothers, Gul Hasan, 25, and Nanhey, 20, are missing, along with their sister’s head. Make no mistake, Muslims do not disapprove of cousins marrying […]

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