Archive | August 9, 2015

‘Mary Had PMS While She Was Pregnant With Jesus Christ’ Says Erick Erickson, The Man Who Banned Donald Trump For Talking Bad About Megyn Kelly

Erick Erickson, the man who banned Donald Trump from his superficial conservative event, alleging that Trump said that Megyn Kelly must have had PMS during the debate, said that Mary had PMS when she was pregnant with Jesus Christ. He said this back in 2012, years prior to Trump’s statement on Kelly. His statement was […]

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Watch Bernie Sanders Getting Driven Off The Stage By A Black Supremacist Mob, Proving That The “Black Lives Matter Movement” Is A Violent Dangerous Mob That Hates Freedom

By Theodore Shoebat The mob mentality is inundating the United States. The first people that will be suffer the most, are the ones pushing mob ideology, filled with its self-satisfied sense of false empowerment, which acts as a cover for the enslavement of the very mob that supports it. Just look at what happened in […]

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