Archive | August 25, 2015

With Obama Forcing American Taxpayers To Pay For Iran’s Nuclear Inspections While Americans Are Excluded–IRAN WILL MAKE NUCLEAR BOMBS

By Walid Shoebat Many who object in electing Donald Trump argue that you need an “expert politician” to run the US. How is that true, especially when the Iran deal has the Islamic regime inspecting its own covert Parchin nuclear site, which Iran has admitted to testing exploding bridge wire nuclear detonators and has refused requests by international inspectors to see […]

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Watch Donald Trump Throw Out One Mexican Heckler Making An Example Showing Exactly What Trump Will Do With Illegal Mexican Immigrants

By Walid Shoebat You follow the rules of the game, you stay, and if you don’t you’r out. Donald Trump today made an excellent example when Univision anchor Mexican born Jorge Ramos stood up out of turn and out of control was thrown out by Donald Trump as he heckled his way forcing himself on the GOP presidential […]

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Lois Lerner’s Secret Email Account Revealed Mimicking Hillary’s Coverup Which Leads All The Way To The White House

By Walid Shoebat First it was a destroyed hard drive, then it was a busted Blackberry and now we find out Lois Lerner used another personal e-mail account “[email protected]” to conduct government business that utilized the alias “Toby Miles.” It was a mere accident that the “Toby Miles” address was discovered,  in the criminal complaint from the House Ways and Means Committee […]

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