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The Shroud Of Turin Defeats The Quran And Proves That The Hebrew Roots Movement Is A CULT

By Walid Shoebat The Shroud of Turin is the most important relic in the world. Its story, similar to the story of the man on the image, generates the most heated debate and controversy. Had Christ been a fraud, He would cause much less controversy as Buddha and Muhammad did. But when it comes to truth, right from wrong, one must look for […]

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Muslim Man Takes 10 Year Old Boy And Severely Injures Him By Sodomizing And Raping Him. The Injuries Are So Bad That He Has To Go The Hospital

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Afghanistan raped a 10 year old boy. The injures inflicted upon the boy were so severe that he ended up in the hospital. According to the report: A 10-year-old boy is in hospital after being sexually assaulted in northern Kunduz province, police said Thursday adding the culprit was […]

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38% Of Born Again Christians Believe Prayer Can Boost Your Wealth

Two-fifths of born again Christians believe that prayer can make you wealthier and 24% of them think that wealth is a sign of God’s favor Comedian John Oliver took aim at cable televangelists and the ‘gospel of prosperity’ on a recent episode of Last Week Tonight. Using the examples of cancer patients who gave away their meager savings […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Couple, Murder The Husband And Wound The Wife. While The Wife Is In The Hospital, The Muslims Go Into The Hospital And Say To The Wife: ‘We Are Proud Of Murdering Your Husband!’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan murdered a man, Aleem Masih, and wounded his wife, Nadia. The perpetrators were the father and brothers of the wounded woman. She had converted to Christianity after marrying a Christian man, Aleem. Her father and brothers ambushed them, killing Aleem and wounding Nadia. Nadia’s attorney, Aneeqa Maria, said: The […]

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The Obama Administration Will Now Be Allowing 12,000 Soldiers To Get Sex Operations, And Will Provide Them With Days Off To Rest After Getting Their Private Parts Mutilated

By Theodore Shoebat The Pentagon will be officially allowing open “transgender” soldiers in the military. It is believed that there are around 12,000 “transgender” soldiers. Imagine such a monstrosity! The Pentagon is even talking about giving sabbaticals for those who have gotten sex change operations. The permission to these “transgenders” to be open in the […]

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