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Obama won’t release 27 Iraqi Christian asylum seekers held in detention here for 6 months while continuing to flood U.S. cities with unscreened Muslims from Syria and Somalia

By BI: For  the past six months, 27 Iraqi Christian asylum seekers fleeing the Islamic State (ISIS) have been locked up in an ICE detention center in Otay Mesa, CA, despite the fact that 20 of the 27 Chaldean Christians have American family members living in Southern California who are willing to sponsor them. WND Family members have […]

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Muslims Take Sixteen Christians, Take Them To A Beach And Slit Their Throats On The Shore

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Chad took sixteen Christians in a beach and slit their throats. The Christians were fishermen just trying to earn a living. According to a report: The Boko Haram terrorist outfit in Northeast Nigeria has killed 16 Christian men on the shores of Lake Chad by slitting their throats, an international […]

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Over 100 Million Christians Are Being Persecuted By Muslims, Atheists And Hindus

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report shows that over 100 million Christians are being persecuted by Muslims, atheists and Hindus: A charity helping persecuted Christians throughout the world reports that over 100 million followers of Christ, along with other religious minorities, are being targeted for their faith. AGI noted the report by Caritas Italiana published […]

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Two Churches In New Mexico Get Bombed By Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Two churches in New Mexico have been bombed by anti-Christian terrorists, according to one report: A New Mexico church service was set to start when the mailbox exploded near the office entrance. Unshaken in faith, the congregation of Calvary Baptist in Las Cruces headed to the parking lot, set up folding chairs […]

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The Nations Of Chad And Cameroon Ban The Muslim Burqa As A Danger To Society

By Theodore Shoebat The nations of Chad and Cameroon have put a ban on the Muslim Burqa as a danger to society. According to one detailed report: Only a month after the Muslim-majority nation of Chad announced in June a ban on the burqa and full-face veils, neighbouring Cameroon has done likewise. And for the […]

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Chinese Government Takes Away 1200 Christian Crosses, Hundreds Of Thousands Are Now Defying The Atheist Tyranny, And Refuse To Give Up Their Crosses

By Theodore Shoebat In the land of China, in the Zhejiang province the Chinese communists has stripped over 1200 crosses since 2013. Now, for the first time, hundreds of thousands of Christians are taking the streets to openly rebel against the communist onslaught. In Wenzhou, which is in the area of Zhejiang, there are about […]

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God In The Bible Warns His Enemies With Extreme Heat, And God Just Cursed Iran With 164 Degree Weather On The Day That Iran Threatened Israel With Annihilation

By Walid Shoebat In the Bible God warned His enemies with famine and extreme heat and Muslim Iran last Friday got the curse, a tripple-digit heat wave (164 degrees), which happened right when it threatened to annihilate Israel following the nuclear deal it struck with global powers. The anti-God heathen world is getting a feel of what is to come: […]

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Another Marine Has Just Been Murdered In Tennessee By A Follower Of The Antichrist (This Evil Needs To Be Destroyed)

By Theodore Shoebat Another US Marine, Sean Bolton — who is now a police officer — was murdered in Tennessee. The Marine veteran was murdered while on duty by a follower of the antichrist. The murderer, a black supremacist who holds ghetto trash culture as superior, named Tremaine Wilbour, was an anti-police criminal who murdered […]

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The Catholic Church Provides Thousands Of Persecuted Christians With Apartments After Being Driven Out By ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Church has provided thousands of persecuted Christians — and other peoples — with apartments after they were driven out by ISIS: This Thursday, August 6, will mark the first anniversary of the expulsion from their convent of a group of Dominican sisters who had been serving Christians on Iraq’s Nineveh […]

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GEORGIA: Muslims call FBI to report armed patriot standing guard in front of Augusta military recruitment center with a sign they find offensive to Muslims

By BI: Muslims from the Islamic Society of Augusta consider the armed man, Jim Stachowiak, to be a threat to them, so they reported him to the FBI, then tried to get him into into the mosque in order to “re-educate” him with the usual Muslim lies and propaganda about Islam being a ‘religion of peace.’ Not […]

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MEDIA wonder who would put a note saying “All of you Islamophobe vets deserve to die” on a veteran’s car?

By BI: HINT: Someone who hates America, hates Christians and Jews, and believes: “Allah inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” “So wound their bodies and incapacitate them […]

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First Arkansas, then Florida, now New York…another gun store is refusing to sell guns to Muslims

By BI: It’s a powerful, but polarizing point of view. The owner of J.J.’s Sporting Goods announced he will no longer sell guns to Muslims. The decision is getting mixed reaction on social media and within the small, tight-knit community of St. Johnsville. John Swartz says after the attack at the recruiting station in Tennessee, he can’t in […]

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