Archive | August 10, 2015

Donald Trump Is Right, This Is No Time For Tone, 160 Christians Just Got Kidnapped By Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump recently said, “We have no time for tone when Christians are getting their heads chopped off”. And how is this statement! 160 Christians just got kidnapped by ISIS. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: Up to 160 Christians are believed to have been kidnapped from […]

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Anyone Who Loves Jesus And The Jews And Supports Ted Cruz As Candidate For President Are Out Of Their Mind

By Walid Shoebat Lots of times, when the ones with foresight warns of damaging current foreign policies, the naive crowds object “you’r unpatriotic”, yet when these with foresight are proven correct, and only after seeing the aftermath, no one remembers the watchmen. We warned as others did of bad foreign policy regarding Iraq, Syria and […]

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Christian Man From England Is So Filled With Righteous Anger Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians, That He Buys A Machine Gun, A Shotgun, A Pistol, Travels To Iraq And Is Now Fighting ISIS Face To Face

By Theodore Shoebat A fifty three year old British Christian man named Jim Atherton was filled with enough righteous anger to spend £3,000 in weapons, and join a Christian militia and fight ISIS. Atherton stated: I couldn’t stand seeing IS killing women and kids. No one seemed to be doing anything about it, so I […]

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VIDEO: ISIS Invades Afghanistan, Takes A Multitude Of Men And Blows Them Up To Pieces, In Order To Express Apocalyptic Desire To Invade Jerusalem

  By Walid Shoebat To ISIS, the way to win is to establish themselves in Afghanistan since in Muslim Prophecy,  the battle for Jerusalem stems from Khorasan (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan …) with Muslims carrying the black flags. This is the spark to all Muslims that they must join the Jihad for Jerusalem. Yesterday, ISIS did that and has […]

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