Archive | August 17, 2015

Archeologists Discovered The Place Where Goliath Lived, Yet Ancient Goliaths Discovered In Israel Prove The Bible

By Walid Shoebat Archaeologists at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University announced last week the discovery of a massive gate and other fortifications in the ruins of Gath, the hometown of the Bible’s Goliath. The ancient gate is one of the largest ever discovered in Israel and evidence of the Philistine city’s power in the 10th and ninth centuries […]

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Russian Forces Ambush Four Muslim Terrorist Leaders And Kill All Of Them In Major Victory

By Theodore Shoebat Russian forces ambushed four major Muslim terrorist leaders and killed all of them. According to the report from This is England: Russian security forces have killed four Wahhabi Islamist extremists, including Al Qaeda’s leader in the Caucasus. The decisive action differs from the preferred British way of dealing with such people, which […]

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Muslims Kidnap Three Christian Women And Says That They Will Be Sex Slaves If A Ransom Is Not Paid

By Theodore Shoebat Three Christian women have been kidnapped by ISIS who has released photos of the women, saying that they will be sex slaves if a ransom is not paid. According to one Mid East report: The Islamic State terror group has distributed online photos of three women believed to be kidnapped Assyrian Christians, […]

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Righteous Christian Woman In Kentucky Refuses To Give Marriage Licenses To Homosexuals, The US Government Tells Her That She Must But She Still Refuses

By Theodore Shoebat A righteous Christian woman named Kim Davis, who works for Rowan County in Kentucky, refuses to give marriage licenses to disgusting sodomites. US District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky has issued a statement to compel her to give the licenses, saying: The Court must … point out that the act […]

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Muslim Officers Raid Saeed Abedini While He Is In His Prison Cell, And Are Making Life Miserable For Him Because He Refuses To Deny Christ And He Rejects Allah As A False God

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim officers in Iran’s Rajai Shahr prison raided Saeed Abedini’s prison cell and are making life miserable for him because he refuses to deny Christian and he rejects Allah as a false god. According to the most recent report: American pastor Saeed Abedini, who is serving eight years in prison in Iran, […]

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American Government Forces Christian Man To Submit To The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat The American government as forced a Christian man named Jack Philips, by compelling him to make a cake for a sodomite wedding. Philip’s lead attorney, Nicolle Martin, said: I think the ruling means that some Colorado citizens have a First Amendment right to believe what they want and to act on those […]

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