Pope Francis Declares This Warning To The Whole World: ‘The End Times Are Near, Be Prepared To See The Signs For End.’

By Walid Shoebat

In an impassioned address Friday the Pope declared:

These are signs of the times that we need to recognize in order to act. We have lost valuable time: time when we did not pay enough attention to these processes, time when we did not resolve these destructive realities. Thus the processes of dehumanization accelerate. The direction taken beyond this historic turning-point—the ways in which this worsening crisis gets resolved—will depend on people’s involvement and participation and, largely, on yourselves, the popular movements.

The “destructive realities” and “worsening crisis” the Pope addressed to the “popular movements,” he should have addressed such “destructive realities” of none other than the popular movements themselves.

The Pope warns of a rise that is going “beyond this historic turning point” which he has warned about a rising fascism in Europe. The Pope has been warning on several occasions, that the rise of Islamic terrorism like ISIS, is not as dangerous as what he views as the rise of Populist fascism in Europe.

Is the Pope correct on this?

To the masses, the answer to this depends, not on whether the Pope is right or wrong, but on whether the masses like or dislike the Pope. This is how most form their opinions these days.

The Pope’s recent statements are unprecedented; Popes rarely warn about coming cataclysmic events. And since the discussion is about the “signs of the times,” George Friedman is touted as the best futurologist and forecaster hired by Fortune 500. When it comes to his highly-valued expert opinion, in an article by Friedman, recently posted at Breitbart, Friedman completely disagrees with the Pope’s views:

 “Recently, there have been a number of articles and statements asserting that fascism is rising in Europe … This is a misrepresentation of a very real phenomenon … The charge of a rise in fascism derives from a profound misunderstanding of what fascism is. It is also an attempt to discredit the resurgence of nationalism and to defend the multinational systems that have dominated the West since World War II. Nationalism is the core of the Enlightenment’s notion of liberal democracy.”

According to Friedman and contrary to the Pope, what we see in Europe is simply a “resurgence of nationalism” and not populist fascism, as stated by the Pope. Therefore, such statements made by the Pope and others, according to Friedman’s expert view, are simply attempts to “discredit the resurgence of nationalism and to defend the multinational systems”.

This is why the Pope, when it comes to his support to preserve a multi-ethnic structure, he is viewed as a “socialist”.

Obviously, one of the two is completely wrong, but which one, the Vatican or Friedman the top leading expert?

The schools of fish at Breitbart, who are continually told not to trust the Pope or the mainstream media, swallow the fish food (the bait) given to them by Friedman with delight. Prior to the recent jolt and resurgence of populism in Europe, especially  after U.S. elections, when interviewed by the Dallas Morning News, Friedman’s analysis was not just different, but completely the opposite:

Rising fascism in Europe poses a greater threat to world peace than the Islamic State or the Middle East.

Wow! Isn’t this is exactly what the Pope said? It is completely the opposite of what Breitbart and the Huffington Post published on behalf of Friedman.

So here we have, this Jewish forecasting ‘pope’ sounding exactly like the real Pope.

Europe’s “rising fascism” is more dangerous than the Middle East, he insists adding:

“There’s been a massive rise of right-wing fascist parties, you might call them, in Europe. In Hungary, a right-wing, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic party [Jobbik] is now the second-largest party in the country. This is an explosive situation.”

Did you get that? “Massive rise of right wing fascist parties … in Europe” is “an explosive situation”.

He then warns of European nationalism:

“There will be a return to nationalism and competition in Europe that we haven’t seen since 1945. Europe is historically a place where wars break out. This is dangerous for us, because that is the scenario that has led us to trouble all through the 20th century.”

“A return to nationalism” “wars” will “break out” “this is dangerous for us”. Its the same exact scenario that “led us to trouble all through the 20th century”.

Get that? Its nothing short of a warning of an impending Armageddon.

He adds:

“Right now, I’m arguing that the most dangerous place in the world is not the Middle East or the Ukraine. It’s Europe.”

Isn’t all this exactly what the Pope said?

You can even find thousands of statements like this made by Friedman sprinkled all over the place. In January 2015, Friedman writes in his Stratfor:

In Europe, nationalism is particularly notable for the sheer scale of death and destruction it historically has brought to the Continent.

Did you read this? “In Europe, nationalism” should be noted. Why? It brings “sheer scale of death and destruction it historically has brought to the Continent.”

And just in case you accuse us of manufacturing all this by sheer magic, perhaps you can watch a couple minutes of this:

Is this video video-shopped? And even when it comes to the same Populism the Pope warns about, Friedman states:

“A narrowly approved referendum in Switzerland is a warning against the dangers of European populism as the gap grows between the elite and their constituencies.”

Do I need to show hundreds more quotes from this double-minded liar? Yet they love him at Breitbart and hate the Pope. Friedman says to the uneducated masses for Breitbart’s consumption a complete contradiction:

” … to claim that fascism is sweeping Europe and the United States raises the question of whether those who say this understand the principles of fascism …”

Friedman, when he says “there have been a number of articles and statements asserting that fascism is rising in Europe,” he must be speaking of himself. Yet no one picks this up. It is always the Pope who is accused of everything evil under the sun.

Many are the modern forecasters, whom I call double-minded false prophets. With these, you have to be careful to sift their fact from their self-promotions. The Bible already predicted and forewarned never to trust a double minded man.

Here he writes about the peril of populism and fascism in Europe and there he writes completely the opposite of what he taught. Is it only opportunity, money or gaining new memberships from dummies signing up for Stratfor, Friedman’s milk cow?

Double-mindedness and contradictions confirm the obvious; Populism and fascism are becoming so popular that even the ‘experts’ must tow the line and reap the harvest or face laughter and isolation.

What Friedman taught for years is mostly true, but the tailored kindergarten messages he gives for the consumption of the Alt-Right, Nazi type readers at Breitbart, he knows is entirely false, a complete contradiction, nonsense … bollocks.

This proves that even Jews, like Friedman, who have seen the perils of Nazism who even shares about his family’s plight and how they escaped it, can sell out in an instant.

People ask us, why would anti-Jihadists like Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer partner with European Nazis as mounting evidence reveals?

Answer: its too popular to ignore reaping the great harvest in Europe. (Read all the evidence on these two here)



Geller and Anders Gravers Pedersen, head of Geller’s SIOE. Gravers worked with neo-Nazis as did the others who have wrap sheets with thuggery, terrorism and serious crimes including armed robbers.

When we see so many whom we knew as upright, switch in this fashion, its a sign of the times “they will betray one another” advocating for lawlessness.

Jews, whom the fascists and the Nazis blame everything on, here they are aiding the rise of the very fascism that killed their grandparents. This phenomenon debunks all the arguments by the antisemites, it proves that people, regardless of color, ethnicity or religious affiliation are either good or evil.

The Pope, and as much as it irks you who is reading, as Noah irked his world, he was right, while everyone else besides Noah and his family drowned and died. One man can be right and only he lives, while the whole earth can be wrong and goes to the pit. Europe is destined to implode and the Pope’s warnings are prophetic, yet they are falling on deaf ears. This deafness as well is a sign of the times.

In fact, it was some of the mainstream media (the so-called lying media by Breitbart) who were more charitable towards the Pope:

he [the Pope] cautioned against “social walls” and “false prophets” fueling fear and intolerance in politics. “No tyranny finds support without tapping into our fears,” Francis said. “This is key. Hence, all tyranny is terrorist … Francis warned against the rise of populist leaders like Adolf Hitler. “Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most obvious example of European populism is Germany in 1933,” the pope said. “A people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until this charismatic leader came and promised to give their identity back, and he gave them a distorted identity, and we all know what happened.”

It is not just Muslim terrorists we need to fear, as the Pope said “all tyrannies are terrorist”. Our identity is in Christ before nationalism.

These know that the bulk majority of the right, do not fact check anything and is why their messages always tickles the patriotic ears.

This is the reality of this new style of media; complain that “the media lies,” while you are the one doing most of the lying, and by this, the simpletons hover only to you, believing only you are the sole source of true media. It is the coercion by a pimp over the poor prostitute, who works her body day and night, to hand over to the pimp her harvest. But warn the prostitute and she will hate you for it.

Westerners these days and by large, are not motivated by fact, but by psychology, politics and sales.

We see this type of thing everywhere, especially when the Pope speaks. While we all know the Pope’s goal is to focus on populism, he undermines the Muslim immigration or even the Muslim terrorist problem. He does this for a reason. The rise of European tyranny is much worse than Muslim terrorism in Europe. Yet the headlines by Breitbart are geared to the naive focusing only on one statement made by the Pope:

“Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” Francis said in his speech to a world meeting of populist movements.

The reader reads this and goes bananas. This of course is done with zero context. What these people drop out from the Pope’s speech is this:

“There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia. By confronting terror with love, we work for peace.”

While I disagree here with the Pope’s style, his main message was on populism, not Muslims. This is completely ignored, of course.

The Pope focuses on the log more than the spec. Sure, Islamic terrorism in Europe killed around two thousand in the last hundred years, but European populism already killed one hundred million in only thirty years. While the devil has us all focused on fishing out one sardine, he harpoons the whale.


Many are the counter arguments from the masses with scant information. For example, Greens-backed independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen swept 53.3 percent of the vote against 46.7 percent for his rival from the anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPÖ). So the FPÖ, founded by former SS officers that exhibit both close connections to the neo-Nazi scene and a broadly pan-Germanist outlook lost the elections in Austria.

But people need to think. Firstly, how could one explain that a Nazi type of party would gain 46.7%, nearly half of the population. Imagine in the U.S. if some neo-Nazi affiliated party gains such a percentage, this would scream some serious global catastrophe.

Secondly, the Nazi affiliated FPÖ party has long been tolerated by the Austrian establishment. On a regional level the ÖVP and SPÖ have both entered into coalitions with it. In 2000 it even became part of a national government led by the centre-right. The FPÖ’s success at the presidential election could prove the springboard it needs to surge ahead at the next parliamentary election and take the chancellorship.

With the chancellorship all things become possible.

Let me explain. The traditional parties (SPÖ, ÖVP) have struggled to compete with Heinz-Christian Strache, the dynamic FPÖ leader who is Hofer’s puppet master. The plan is for Strache to become president and to use his new constitutional powers to undermine the mainstream parties and call new elections at a time that suited his mentor. The SPÖ and ÖVP created the conditions in which Hofer and Strache could thrive pandering to the FPÖ once it had started to gain ground.

This is the type of thing that happened in Turkey where Erdogan’s AKP Party eventually won and changed the parliament and the constitution. It is expected to also happen in Austria by 2018.

Arguing that the Nazi bent, Hofer’s FPÖ party in Austria, just lost in the elections is meaningless when one studies the rise of the SS.

People can post thousands of comments writing off the warnings thinking their minuscule arguments are sufficient to write off the dangers. The very rise of nationalism in Euopre, which Friedman, when it comes to American consumption, he says completely the opposite:

“articles and statements asserting that fascism is rising in Europe” “is a misrepresentation of a very real [and great] phenomenon”.

What “real phenomenon” is being misrepresented? Friedman asserts in the Huffington Post:

“The Enlightenment feared tyranny and saw the multinational empires dominating Europe as the essence of tyranny. Destroying them meant replacing them with nation-states. The American and French revolutions were both nationalist risings, as were the nationalist risings that swept Europe in 1848.”

The “Enlightenment” was neither misrepresented or did it “fear tyranny” as Friedman claims, in fact, it advanced Tyranny.

Friedman puts the guillotine style French Revolution on par with the American revolution. And I do not say this quoting the man out of context. He explains that Europe produced “brilliant people” like “Kant and Rousseau,” “this gem of civilization” he then laments, that Europe could turn on itself and create this hell internally became so unstable, that the Russians and the U.S. had to finally restrain it.

These drop a major historic fact. This “gem of civilization” and “Enlightenment” Jean-Jacques Rousseau, was the causer of the French slaughterhouse, the results of which did not stop but continued all the way till the end of WWII. As he himself admits, no other people has killed each other throughout history more than the Europeans between 1914 – 1945. In only 30 years as much as 100 million killed. Out of 500 million Europeans, one fifth died as result of this ‘Enlightenment’ and European nationalism, which the ‘liberal socialist’ pope Francis was warning not to repeat.

Mixing scant knowledge on Europe’s history plus making the economy the determining factor in forecasting, is the standard of smart fools. Rousseau in his book The Social Contract was the major influencer of the French Revolution – a revolt that led the literal beheading by guillotine, tens of thousands of French Christians, who disagreed with their version of unity. Europe with the enlightenment, became just as savage as the Ottoman Empire and in fact exported to the Ottomans Eugenics when the Young Turks threw out the Sultan, Abdul-Hamid II, and committed the Armenian Genocide under German instruction and supervision.  Most never consider the German’s partnership in this with the Ottomans. It is simply blotted history.

Thomas Paine (I recall Glenn Beck loved Paine)  one of the great prophets for the Enlightenment, praised the French Revolution for its violently intolerant abolishment of what he termed as Church slavery:

“In countries under despotic governments, where inquiry is always forbidden, the people are condemned to believe as they have been taught by their priests. This was for many centuries the case in France: but this link in the chain of slavery, is happily broken by the revolution; and, that it may never be rivetted again, let us employ a part of the liberty we enjoy scrutinizing into the truth.” (Thomas Paine, Letter to Camille Jordan)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau advocated for the execution and expulsion of all Catholics within his own utopian vision, a vision which became a reality in late 18th century France:

“There is therefore a purely civil profession of faith of which the Sovereign should fix the articles, not exactly as religious dogmas, but as social sentiments without which a man cannot be a good citizen or a faithful subject. While it can compel no one to believe them, it can banish from the State whoever does not believe them–it can banish him, not from impiety, but as an anti-social being, incapable of truly loving the laws and justice, and of sacrificing, at need, his life to his duty. If anyone, after publicly recognizing these dogmas, behaves as if he does not believe them, let him be punished by death: he has committed the worst of all crimes, that of lying before the law. …The existence of a mighty, intelligent, and beneficent divinity, possessed of foresight and providence, the life to come, the happiness of the just, the punishment of the wicked, the sanctity of the social contract and the law: these are its positive dogmas. …Now that there is and can be no longer an exclusive national religion, tolerance should be given to all religions that tolerate others, so long as their dogmas contain nothing contrary to the duties of citizenship. But whoever dares to say: ‘Outside the Church is no salvation,’ ought to be driven from the State”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The one who promoted the idea that “Christians” are “worthy of death” are “gems,” while us saying “sodomites are worthy of death” is considered madness.

Such attitude speaks volumes to the nature of people, especially here in the West.

When populism is popular, conservative journalists, conservative experts, conservative analysts … they swim right with the tide or else, they are quickly ousted because they feel the social pressure. This double-mindedness is what God hates the most:

“I hate double-minded people” (Psalms 119:113)

What part of “I hate” do these phony, so-called Holy Spirit filled Christians not understand about God?

The rise of nationalism in Europe, according to Jewish Friedman, makes Europe, not the Middle East, as “the most dangerous place in the world”. But for the conservative ultra-nationalist readers, what Friedman is saying to them, is the best thing since braided Challah bread.

4,000 years since, Jews have been delighting in challah bread for Shabbat.

“Fortune 500 companies, nongovernment organizations and government agencies” pay this prophet big bucks because they “want to know whether the globe’s axis is about to shift.”

a double minded man is an opportunist.

They are better off picking up a Bible from a dollar store for $1.

From experts, politicians to lay people, the bulk majority are double minded hypocrites and is why they deserve their politicians since God appoints the leadership in accordance to the hearts of the masses.

Yet when we post these lies, when that person is popular, we get scathed. Years later, the fish discover they were fed flakes, then they begin to hate their idols forgetting that it was them who erected these idols as gods. It is always the case. Christians believe the double-minded expert politician, because they are ‘republican,’ while they forget there is neither democrat nor republican, they are all one under their messiah: the politician.

If we tell them Romney is a lying Mormon, the very double-minded so-called false Christian will attack us when Romney (the Mormon) is popular and these would tout Romney as “Christian”. The same goes for Glenn Beck when he too was popular and we warned about him, boy did we get it.

I came to the conclusion that the bulk majority of American Christians do not realize that Republican does not mean “Christian”. I still get angry messages that Pence, Coulter and every republican we expose telling us that these are “Christian”.

To American Evangelical Christians, Jerusalem is their spiritual center.

Yet moving the American embassy to Jerusalem was once a cornerstone of President Trump’s new policy to Israel — a powerful statement about the Donald’s commitment to the “eternal capital of the Jewish state.”

It was so crucial that Trump considered the move at one minute after midnight on inauguration day.

Did it happen? No.

Now it’s an “option” to be considered at some unspecified time in the future. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump said when questioned about his commitment to the move during a joint press conference with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

All previous administrations, Republican and Democrat, made similar promises, yet not one of them delivered.

Yet they exclude only the Pope as ‘sell-out’ when no U.S. President wants to enrage the Muslim world. Peace “talks” (B.S) is more important for ‘legacies’.

I came to the conclusion that most Americans love to complain. Act big, pay less attention to their complaints, and they will adore you for treating them like a doormat. Lift them up, bring them into your abode, try to reason with them and they will hate you. The more you ignore the sheep, the less headaches, because these are not sheep, they are wolves who adore a politician and the double-minded man, because they too are cut from the same cloth. Celebrity is their god and their ‘Jesus’ is painted in their own image.

Jesus, the true Messiah, was not popular during His lifetime, Bar Kokhba, the false Messiah became the popular man after His Crucifixion. Yet the harvest of truth comes way later, while the harvest of evil quickly burns.

Therefore, let us strive to awaken the people. People ask me how we do what we do, post articles, write books, make documentaries while rescuing Christians overseas. The answer is simple; its not the rambunctious and sloppy men that is the dynamo, its the patient wife that fuels everything we do.