German Government Declares That They Will Be Training And Arming The Kurdish Forces. This Will Only Lead To More Violence And Christian Persecution

By Theodore Shoebat

The German government has declared that it will continue its support for the Kurdish Peshmerga, providing arms and training. According to one report:

Germany will continue to provide training and military support to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces following a brief halt due to clashes in Kirkuk, a German Defense Ministry official told Kurdistan 24 on Tuesday.

In an emailed statement, Major Anne Bressem, a spokesperson for the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command, provided details of Germany’s military support to Peshmerga forces in the Region.

Bressem noted the temporary suspension of training for the Kurdish forces following their clashes with Iraqi and Iranian-backed Shia militia Hashd al-Shaabi in Kirkuk, but said regular support resumed on Sunday.

“The security of German soldiers in northern Iraq is of paramount importance,” she stated. “As the situation has calmed down, the Bundeswehr is continuing the training” of Peshmerga in Kurdistan.

Bressem mentioned the military support Germany had provided the Peshmerga since September 2014, including the delivery of “24,000 rifles, 8,000 pistols, 400 anti-tank RPGs, and 60 MILAN systems.”

The Bundeswehr spokesperson also provided details about the training provided to the Kurdish forces which “focuses on sustainability.”

“This means that the Bundeswehr is training the Peshmerga in a way [that] enables them to train themselves,” Bressem explained.

One of the training topics involves the tracking, defusing, and elimination of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), a tactic heavily used by the Islamic State (IS).

Bressem noted that German military instructors are involved in the preparation of Peshmerga forces as “mentors” during the sustainable training drills.

The main goal is to train Peshmerga on counter-IED and fire protection, which enables them “to lead and carry out training independently” and teach their fellow compatriots, she said.

“Further training contents are tactical training as well as the life-saving medical education,” Bressem concluded.

There are currently 150 German soldiers deployed in the Kurdistan Region capital of Erbil as part of the US-led coalition mission against IS.

This is only going to lead to more destabilization. The Kurds have been some of the most cruel and evil persecutors of Christians in history. They were in the ranks of the killing squads for the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide, and if you arm the Kurds and train them, what do you think they will eventually do with such training and backing? They will slaughter the Christians. The Kurds have already murdered Christians and are currently stealing Christian property in their agenda of “kurdification.” The Germans conducted what is known as the Kulturkampf in the 19th century, in which they wanted to Germanize the Poles, and destroy Catholic culture. The Kurds are doing the same thing in Iraq, and the very people who wanted to Germanize Europe are supporting such an evil cause.

The German government gave tens of thousands of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition to Kurdish fighters, and those very weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS and other criminals. The very Kurdish fighters for whom the Germans supposedly provided the weapons, sold the arms illegally to terrorist criminals.  In the cities of Erbil and Sulaimaniya, for example, German weapons have been found for sale in the black market, with the letters HK, signifying the famous German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, and Bw, for the Bundeswehr, or German Army.

One ex-Kurdish Peshmerga fighter stated that the standard rifle for the German Army, the G36, once costed $4,000, but now the weapon has been incredibly reduced in price — between $1,450 and $1,800 — because there are so many. The German government provided the Kurds with 12,000 G3 rifles, 8,000 G36 rifles, and 8,000 P1 pistols. These weapons are now being distributed amongst terrorists. One German report states:

“Isis fighters are equipped with numerous G3 battle rifles from German manufacturer Heckler & Koch, as well as German Walther KKJ rifles from the 1960s, according to the report.”

You may say that the German government is innocent of this because the weapons were specified for the Kurds and not Islamist terrorists. But tell me, how could a government as sophisticated as Germany not know that this would happen? If an average citizen like myself can predict that American arms given to “moderate” rebels would end up in the hands of terrorists, then how could the government — which superintends over the whole country and determines the state of lower nations — not know of this most obvious consequence?

Moreover, the German government’s ministry of defense admitted that it doesn’t even know to which Kurdish units received the weapons. If the government’s sole objective is to give weapons to one entity alone — the Kurds — then it should know to which exact units would receive the arms. But it did not. Because arming the Kurds was not the sole objective, and one may even question if it were the objective at all. The weapons were given chaotically, because they were given with the intention to create chaos, to fuel violence and bloodshed. They were given with the knowledge that the weapons would end up into the hands of terrorists, just as the German government is going to be training these Islamic refugees deliberately knowing that they will use their training for pernicious, anti-Christian goals. 

Germany giving weapons into a military conflict was hailed by the media as the “the first time it will send weapons into an ongoing conflict since the end of World War II.” Angela Merkel, in regards to this giving of weapons, and in the attempt to sound like a protector for the defenseless, said “The immense suffering of many people cries out, and our own security interests are threatened”. And yet, even though your “security” is in such a critical dilemma, you send weapons without even knowing to which unit they would be going to. You may say that this is just a case of stupidity on the part of government, but secular governments do not do things without internal and calculative interests.

The Germans provided the Kurds with $90 million dollars worth of weaponry, which consisted of sophisticated weapons, such as anti-tank rocket launchers. With so much money spent, and given the severity and volatileness of the region to which they sent the weapons, I find it very difficult to believe the German government, that they would give so much for such a serious reason, without any serious precautions and measures to prevent weapons from going into terrorist hands. And I also am quite incredulous to the idea that Germany would send weapons without knowing that they would be given to Islamic criminals.

It would not surprise me, and nor would it be adventuresome to say, that Germany used the Kurds as a conduit by which to give weapons to criminals to further destabilize the region. Governments are infamous for creating chaos, to only make themselves the Don Quixote who will destroy the disarrayed windmills that they themselves erected. They construct the windmills and call them dragons, and then portray themselves to the people as the tough and heroic leaders who will slay these sensationalized and government funded enemies. State created enemies are what give politicians power. We already know, thanks to Putin, that there are G-20 nations who are financing and supporting ISIS, so I do not see why I must accept the excuses of the German government.

What is interesting is how while this is happening, Robert Spencer, a guy who is associated with neo-Nazis, is supporting the tyrannical Kurds who slaughter and oppress Christians.

Robert Spencer is now supporting the Islamic jihad, and believes that Israel needs to arm and back  Kurdish separatists. But the Kurdish separatists are Muslim. So how does Spencer justify arming Muslims, especially ones who persecute and hate Christians (more on that later)? Spencer, a supposed ‘fighter’ against Islam, published an article which supports the backing and arming of Kurdish separatists in the Middle East, who are really just Islamic militants who persecute Christians.

The article says that Israel should arm and train Kurdish separatists to help further the cause of an independent Kurdish ethno-state:

Why should the Kurds in Iran not now take up arms received from a newly-independent Kurdistan, and welcome, too, outside volunteers from the Peshmerga in Iraq and Syria? For that matter, why wouldn’t Israel, which has had a long secret history of working with the Kurds, help out with training and weaponry for the Kurds in Iran? There is no better way for now,  to strike a destabilizing blow at Israel’s most dangerous enemy. … And Iran’s Kurds could also be getting more weapons, and training, from Israel. The Iranian Kurds will be a much more formidable foe than ever before, in numbers and in the experience of their fighters, in amount and sophistication of their weaponry, in the fact that next door in Kurdistan they would now have available a place where their soldiers could regroup, plan, and attack anew.

But the Kurds, unlike the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, have been persecuting Christians. We did a video on this and its wider significance:


Spencer’s agenda is just like that of Michael Rubin of the Center for Security Policy, who pushed for Israel to supply arms to the Azerbaijanis so that they could fight the Armenians:

“The Armenians receive assistance from Iran, and so it would make sense if Azerbaijan could access Israeli weaponry and training. Clearly, neither Armenia nor Russia are sincere about ending the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey is occupied elsewhere, and so it makes perfect sense for Azerbaijan to reach out to friends to right a wrong that Azerbaijan has suffered for two decades.” 

The article published by Spencer, emphatically declares that all of the consequences that would follow an independent Kurdish state would be good:

The exhilaration that would be felt by Kurds all over the Middle East, at the spectacle of a Kurdish state carved out of northern Iraq, could have significant consequences, all of them good.

Really? And what of all the Christian blood spilt by Kurds? What of the genocide that took place in the first half of the twentieth century, done against Christians, and participated in by the Kurds?

The Kurds, back in the 20th century, were the killing squads for the Young Turks when they were systematically exterminating Christians in the Armenian Genocide. As one eyewitness account records:

The gendarmes went ahead, informing the half-savage tribes of the mountains that several thousand Armenian women and girls were approaching. The Arabs and Kurds began to carry off the girls, the mountaineers fell upon them repeatedly, violating and killing the women, and the gendarmes themselves joined in the orgy. One by one the few men who accompanied the convoy were killed. The women had succeeded in secreting money from their persecutors, keeping it in their mouths and hair; with this they would buy horses, only to have them repeatedly stolen by the Kurdish tribesmen. Finally the gendarmes, having robbed and beaten and violated and killed their charges for thirteen days, abandoned them altogether.

Two days afterward the Kurds went through the party and rounded up all the males who still remained alive. They found about 150, their ages varying from 15 to 90 years, and these, they promptly took away and butchered to the last man. But that same day another convoy from Sivas joined – this one from Harpoot, increasing the numbers of the whole caravan to 18,000 people.

. . . On the seventieth day a few creatures reached Aleppo. Out of the combined convoy of 18,000 souls just 150 women and children reached their destination. A few of the rest, the most attractive, were still living as captives of the Kurds and Turks; all the rest were dead.

And the anti-Christian spirit is still in the Kurds. Today, the Kurds are carrying out and imposing Kurdification on the Christian population. Kurds are even stealing Christian property, as we read in one report:

Iraqi Christians living in Kurdistan have complained that their properties and lands are being seized and built on by ethnic Kurds and some have even accused Kurdish government officials of trying to “Kurdify” Christian areas, a new report from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom details.

Over half of the Kurds in Turkey voted for Erdogan, as we reported before:
Over half of the Kurds voted in favor for an Erdogan dictatorship. According to one report on the Kurdish vote for the referendum: ‘Overall results nationally stand at 51.41 percent “Yes” and 48.59 percent “No.”’

In the U.S., the Muslim Kurds are hailed as the beacon for freedom and the friend of the West and the Christian. This is an absolute myth. Truth is, that in the Levant, Kurdish parties choose to compromise with Islamic parties more than with Christians. In the Nineveh Plain, in the former Assyria, neither the Muslim Arabs nor the Muslim Kurds want to lose this area because of the potential oil fields under the ground and throughout Syria, especially in the Northern region of Hasakah, the Christians have been suffering the process of the “Kurdification” of Syria which has been condemned by international groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

If one searches “kurds” on Google there is over eight million hits ranging from Kurdish rights for self-autonomy, how they have been betrayed, and how we should all work with them for the sake of bettering humanity, including destroying ISIS. But when one searches for the word “kurdification” in Google, it becomes surprising to find a miserable six thousand hits.

Try it. It will help wake you up on how narrow the road to truth really is.

During this process of Kurdification, the militant Kurdish groups, like the YPG (the pride of the west) have been systematically driving Assyrians from their lands and villages. This process to end the Assyrian Christians can be viewed from the Assyrian Democratic Party of Syria exposing the case by which it issued a statement in which they condemned the process of a Kurdish land-grab, specifically an unjust and illegal law passed by the Legislative Council of Kurdish Self Governance which claims the right to take control of land owned by those who have been forced to flee the violence in Syria. Spencer knows these facts, and relies on Western naiveté to promote his anti-Christian agenda, while using Islamic terrorism as a cover up.

The YPG (People’s Protection Units KurdishYekîneyên Parastina Gel‎) are the main armed service of the Kurdish Supreme Committee in the government of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). The YPG are primarily Kurdish, but also uses Arabs, Turks, and even Assyrian Christian units integrated into its command structure and is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and NATO.

Dr. Jamil Hanna of the Assyrian Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) complained that “arming [Muslim] Kurds was a mistake in the first place and their presence around 35 some Christian villages simply brought ISIS to their area. The U.S.-Coalition instead of arming the Assyrian Christians who are able to defend themselves armed the Kurds”. He added that “the U.S. coalition should not concentrate on arming Kurds while ignoring all the other sects of what makes up the Syrian society”.


According to the UNHCR, the Kurdish parties and their armed forces (YPG, Peshmerga) have carried out acts of violence committed in areas under their control against ethnic religious minorities. Kurdish parties have been actively seeking to incorporate these areas into the Region of Kurdistan. Many ethnic minorities have charged that Kurdish political parties and military forces have subjected them to violence, forced assimilation, discrimination, political marginalization, arbitrary arrests and detention. (see detailed reports here, herehere, here).

In the Region of Kurdistan, while “honour killings” are considered crimes under local law, yet they continue to occur in high numbers, often concealed as accidents, suicides or suicide attempts. Forced or early marriages are of concern and female genital mutilation (FGM) is prevalent in some areas.

In the Christian areas, the process of Kurdification can be seen everywhere. The Assyrian flag is not allowed to be used in towns and villages even where only Assyrians live. Inside and outside the Kurdish Regional Government area Assyrians may not use their own political symbols. During parades for the Assyrian New Year, Assyrian Christians are not allowed to use banners with slogans that Kurds consider politically sensitive. Everything has to sound as everyone lives in “peace” and “brotherhood” with permission in advance from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and everything is checked in advance. Most Assyrian villages must demonstrate loyalty to the Kurds by showing the Kurdish flag. In the past, Assyrian Christians fearing  oppression had to have the pictures of Saddam Hussein displayed in church buildings to now simply be replaced with Masoud Barzani. Saddam has been swapped for Barzani and the Ba’ath party for the KDP.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, when Mosul fell to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Arab members of the Iraqi police stationed in Assyrian villages throughout north Iraq abandoned their positions, leaving only the Kurds and the few Assyrians to protect the villages against ISIS. The Kurds seized the opportunity to begin the Kurdification of all areas where minorities lived. They took control of Christian Assyrian villages, as well as the villages of Yezidis and Shabaks, raising Kurdish flags on government buildings and checkpoints in the Christian Assyrian villages of Alqosh, Qaraqosh, Bartella, Karemlesh, Baashiqa, Tel Keppeh, Telsqop, Batnaya, Baghdeda, Ainsifneh/Shekhan, Sharafya, Dashqutan, Karanjo and Pirozawa.

Kurdification is a cultural change in which something ethnically non-Kurdish is forced to become Kurdish. It is sort of like when Germans started the process of Nazification of Germany, Kurdification is usually used  in contexts of post-Saddam Iraq, particularly in relation to Assyrian ChristiansIraqi Turkmen and the Shabak people.

Kurdification is also a process of Islamization. In villages that where exclusively Christian, the Kurdification process included building mosques to encourage Muslim settlement in those areas while in the Assyrian district of ‘Ankawa are strategically funded by Islamic financiers so that Muslims would settle there and many large plots of Assyrian lands has been appropriated by the government for Kurdish projects. Even the Erbil Airport was part of ‘Ankawa, which was inhabited almost exclusively by Assyrian Christians. When Christian families want to escape from Mosul, real estate agents refused to sell their properties fearing for their own lives from the Kurdish militias that kept an eye and didn’t allow them to help Christians causing the homes to sell for 70% less than fair market value.

Assyrian Christians who were not complying with strict Islamic values and traditions have been subjected to discrimination, threats, kidnappings, mutilations and killings. Those who have been victimized include women who fail to dress appropriately, drive cars or work outside the home; men who shave their beards, wear shorts or have long hair or wear “inappropriate” clothing.

A number of Assyrian girls are forced by Kurdish criminal organizations to work in prostitution. If they refuse, they are threatened with death. Many of them are vulnerable refugees from the south with little family in the north. These criminal organizations have ties with political leaders. Therefore it is easy to quickly force these girls with passports, and to send them to EU countries to work there in the night districts.

The Kurdification process also includes direct attacks by the Kurdish Peshmerga against Christian villages. In June 2013, Rabatki, a village in the Iraqi Kurdistan region was attacked by General Aref al-Zebari using armed Peshmerga soldiers funded by the Iraqi national budget. Assyrian Christians are not allowed in these units to protect their people. The Dutch politician Joel Voordewind of the Christian Union has condemned the attack and the Swedish politician Yilmaz Kerimo of the Social Democrats also condemned this attack on Rabatki.

In the Assyrian town of Alqosh, the local council, which is under the control of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), voted to remove the Assyrian chairman, Faiz Abed Jahwareh, and replace him with a Kurdish man who is a member of the KDP. Mr. Jahwareh, who is a member of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), was widely supported by the town residents and was responsible for the administration of Alqosh and a number of smaller Assyrian and Yezidi villages in the surrounding area.

While welcoming the protection of the Kurdish forces, Assyrians have never-the-less expressed grave concern about Kurdish annexation of their villages.

The Kurdification process also includes the prohibition for Assyrians to buy government-built houses or to work as police or soldiers. Civil servants, journalist at major newspapers and TV stations, judges and senior positions within educational institutions cannot comprise of any Assyrians regardless of giving loyalty to the Kurdish parties. Assyrian history is not recognized, but is rather transformed as Kurdish history in museums, books and during memorial days and all excavations in northern Iraq are labeled by authorities as Kurdish even in textbooks while Kurdish militias regularly use important cultural heritage sites for target  practice.

Even the Assyrian newspapers and the Satellite channel “Ishtar TV” which existed prior to the process are absolutely not allowed to post political articles or broadcast politically-related programs. If a church is bombed, there are no images allowed of the bombing or anything allowed from broadcasting or victims expressing their emotions. People who do not feel safe, or lost their land in the Kurdish Regional Government area may not be interviewed under no circumstance.

According to one report, the Kurds have clear plans to control their regions officially in Nineveh’s environs in order to prepare for the annexation of those lands to the Kurdish occupation. Kurds have always sent their followers to international forums to interrupt international protection for Assyrians. The Kurds simply want to annex the Nineveh Valley, most of whose residents are Christians.

Kurdification also involves a labeling process. The Assyrians, regardless that they are internal refugees they are called displaced people (DP) in government offices and in schools. Entire families are made to feel discriminated and twice humiliated after leaving everything behind to escape from ISIS. In school students want to know why teachers do a roll call only for them by calling on displaced people to identify themselves.

80 per cent of the Assyrian nation in Syria and Iraq has been displaced and more than 60 churches have been demolished with cries of “Allahu Akbar”.

The Kurdification process includes entire regional occupation of the entire Assyrian Triangle (between Greater Zab and the River Tigris) which has been occupied by Kurdish intruders under the slogan “We are taking your lands and you can go to church as you wish”, thereby monitoring the ecclesiastical Assyrian mindset (Chaldees, Syriacs and Church of the East followers).

This idea that the Kurds are our friend is a  lie made up by neo-cons like Robert Spencer. In the article that he published, it says:

We do not have a stake in making things easy for Assad, Erdogan, or Rouhani. We have, rather, a stake in making their lives more difficult. That’s what the Kurds, merely by furthering their own, justified interests, can do.

Erdogan is bad, yes. But, why make the Assad’s government more destabilized? Has not the US government, NATO, and Islamic militants done that enough? By weakening the Assad regime, it has only helped the Islamists. Why would Spencer publish such work, unless of course he is all in favor for more destabilization while at the same time acting as though he is against Islam in order to cover up his true agenda? Spencer, and the rest of the Counter-jihad, are filled with harlots, prostituting themselves for the diabolical agenda of the satanic underground. The Counter-jihad, as we have said so many times, is simply a vehicle by which to advance destabilization, homosexuality and eugenics.

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