After Declaring Catalonian Independence From Spain, Carles Puigdemont Flees To Belgium And Is Now Being Protected By Major Nazi Elites

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia who declared Catalan independence from Spain, has now fled to Brussels  and is under the protection of Flemish nationalists who, in reality, are just nazis who want to separate Flanders from Belgium. Puigdemont fled to Belgium, according to reports, to flee Spanish authority which has charged him with sedition.

Spanish reports state that Carles Puigdemont is in Brussels surrounded by loyal members of his party. One of them is Antoni Comín, a homosexual and a socialist who is vehemently anti-Catholic. So full of hatred is Comin against the Church, that he once said:

“We have to be very indignant with what the Catholic Church does with homosexuality (…) the homophobia practiced by the Church today is a grave sin before God”

Talking like a sodomite Protestant, Comin said that, “as believers we must be courageously critical of what the Church is doing today with homosexuality.” What we are witnessing are the sons of Sodom working to bring the world into chaos and bloodshed. For by trying to break Catalonia from Spain, these insidious people are legitimizing the separatist movements of other European regions, and such fragmentation is a reflection of the rise of nationalism, and when you have nationalism, you have war.

Belgium’s Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, a Flemish separatist, defended protecting the Catalan separatists leaders, saying:

“Catalan people who feel politically threatened can ask for asylum in Belgium. That includes President Puigdemont. This is 100 percent legal”

Francken is part of the New Flemish Alliance, a rightwing Flemish separatist party that wants to separate Flanders from Belgium. By protecting Carles Puigdemont, the Flemish are giving credence to his separatist cause, and ultimately, to the agenda of fragmenting Europe. There is a sinister desire behind all of this: and that is to revive Nazism; for by fragmenting Europe, you bring back past European rivalries and spark nationalism, which will of course breed all sorts of evils, such as racism and eugenics.

That the political establishment in Brussels is protecting Puigdemont, reveals the reality that there are forces within the EU who want to cause just enough fragmentation and instability to end the status quo and justify militarism.

Its very simple: fragment the established order, and you have chaos, and chaos can only breed more chaos, and this will only lead to violence. This will only help the Germans. Germany is the wealthiest nation in Europe; if fragmentation intensifies and chaos commences, Germany will use such an situation to justify its own militarism in the name of restoring order. I suspect that there are not a few elites in Brussels who want to see a revival in German militarism. The Flemish separatists in Brussels dominate Belgium politics, which means that they have some serious political leverage in that government. 

Many of these Flemish separatists in Brussels are Nazi sympathizers, as we showed in our article on the Catalonian secessionist movement. In 2014, Francken went to the birthday party of Bob Maes, who was a member of the National Socialist Youth Flanders during the reign of the Third Reich, and the founder of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization, Vlaamse Militanten Orde. The current Deputy prime minister and minister of Security and Home Affairs in Belgium, Jon Jambon, a leading member of the New Flemish Alliance, wily expressed his sympathy for Flemish Nazi collaborators by saying: “The people who collaborated with the Germans had their reasons. Me, I was not alive during that time.”

Now some of the Flemish are saying that protecting Carles Puigdemont had nothing to do with their separatist party, the New Flemish Alliance.  A spokesperson for the New Flemish Alliance, Joachim Pohlmann, said that “in case Mr. Puigdemont is in Brussels, he’s certainly not here at the invitation of the N-VA.” Olivier Van Raemdonck, the spokesperson for Jan Jambon, the interior minister and deputy prime minister of Brussels, said that Jambon was not aware  that Puigdemont was coming to Brussels, and said:

“Everyone knows Jan Jambon and the N-VA [New Flemish Alliance] are sympathetic towards the Catalans. But that’s something completely different than sitting down with the man as a member of the federal government”

This is all duplicitous talk. They are playing the same game that all deceivers in politics and media use: acknowledge that you were with said person, but at the same time say that the meeting was not done in the capacity of your position. These Flemish rebels are essentially saying: ‘Yes, we are protecting Puigdemont, but not as part of our political party.’

It means nothing, for the action is still done, and the sinister principle for which the action was done still remains. The Flemish separatists are protecting their fellow separatist. Catalonian separatism has been being, to a great extent, planned out by Flemish agents. As we showed in our article on Catalonia, on January of 2017 there was a major meeting in Brussels to conspire for the cause of Catalan sedition. Around forty members of the European parliament and their aids were present, including the eugenist Helga Stevens, a member of the New Flemish Alliance.

That there was a meeting in the EU parliament to plan for severing Catalonia from Spain, shows that there are very powerful people, within the European Union, who want to fragment Europe. Its all a plan for power; for by breaking down the unity of Europe, what you would be left with is a significant disunity, which will only lead to the strongest nation of Europe, the Germans, using the situation as an occasion for war and militarism. It would not surprise me at all, if the Flemish are conspiring to cause a civil war in Spain to give the opportunity for Germany to militarily invade Spain in the name of intervention and “stability” (similarly to what Turkey is currently doing in Iraq).

The Flemish are acting stupid and pretending that they did not know that Puigdemont was in Brussels. This is impossible. For one, on the 28th of October, when Catalonia declared independence from Spain, there were already reports in Spain that Puigdemont was planning on escaping to Belgium. Spain already knew that Puigdemont was heading towards Belgium. Puigdemont fled to Belgium just a day after Theo Francken said that he can seek refuge in Brussels, which means that the Brussels government knew of an agenda to protect Catalonian separatist leaders. If Brussels knows when terrorists are going through its orders, then they would definitely know when the leader of the Catalonian secessionist movement, Carles Puigdemont, is going through its borders.

Carles Puigdemont and his group drove from Barcelona to Marseille, in France, where they took a plane to Brussels. The French, then, must have known that Puigdemont was in their country and traveling to Brussels. France is an interesting connection. Puigdemont already held a meeting with Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a member of the National Assembly of France and the second president of the Union of Democrats and Independents. Just a few days before declaring independence, Puigdemont also met with Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France region, to sign a “cooperation agreement,” as one government report states:

“the Head of the Catalan Government will meet with president of the Regional Council of Île-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, before signing the cooperation agreement that aims to strengthen the political, economic and institutional ties between the two territories. Specifically, the agreement will cover five areas of priority for both institutions, including: biomedical innovation and the pharmaceutical industry, education, urban waste management, the videogames industry and research.”

This is very interesting. Catalonia is the center for pharmaceutical sciences in Spain, and the home of all of the most major pharmaceutical companies in Spain. As we read in one report:

“Within the context of Spain, Catalonia concentrated 47.07% of Spanish pharmaceutical production (2014) and 36.6% of Spanish pharmaceutical exports (2006-2016). Catalonia, as the leading and birthplace region of pharmaceuticals in Spain, is home to the five biggest Spanish pharmaceutical companies: Almirall, Esteve, Ferrer, Grífols and Uriach. … Furthermore many international companies have established here, such as Novartis, Sanofi, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bayer, Roche, Menarini, Pierre Fabre, BBraun, GE Healthcare, Zoetis, Otsuka, Invent Farma, Intas Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Synthon or Angelini, to mention just a few. … Catalonia is the leading biotech region in Spain, holding 19.4% of Spanish biotech companies. Amgen, Inkemia, AB-Biotics, Biokit, Salvat, Reig Jofre, Oryzon,Advancell, Gendiag, Readycell, Bionure, Alexion, GP Pharm, Endor or Lipotec are part of the biotech industry in Catalonia.”

Since France made an agreement with Catalonia over pharmaceuticals, and Catalonia is a major biotech center, and the pharmaceutical industry is a major player behind eugenics, and France helped Carles Puigdemont escape to Brussels, is it possible that Catalonian unrest is part of a conspiracy to destabilize Europe devised by biotech companies to then enable Germany to rise again and execute a eugenist plan, which would then allow the pharmaceutical industry to carry out evil experiments? Knowing the history that Germany has with pharmaceutical companies (such as IG Farben) to carry out human experiments for the cause of eugenics, this would not be far fetched to imagine. We will work on another article on this subject.

In the Brussels EU parliament on January of 2017, EU parliamentarians, including Flemish separatist Helga Stevens and Calvinist Hungarian separatist Laszlo Tokes, planned for a Catalonian secessionist revolt. Ten years before this, In the Brussel parliament, in 2007, a Flemish separatist named Filip DeWinter, led the Counterjihad Summit, making the Counterjihad into an official movement. Invited to the meeting were numerous Counterjihad figures, such as Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller who, just a few days ago, said that it was a mistake for Germany to renounce German nationalism (even though German nationalism fueled German imperialism in World War One and World War Two). Geller explicitly is in support for German nationalism, as the Jezebel herself said:

“I believe all the wrong lessons were learned after World War Two. I think Europe learned all the wrong lessons. They came away from World War Two with the idea that nationalism was bad; that German nationalism, British nationalism, French nationalism, was bad.”

To this sagging and decrepit witch, German nationalism is good, even though it was German nationalism that slaughtered Jewish people and that did the largest anti-Jewish genocide in history. This is because people like Geller are “of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.” (Revelation 3:9) And Geller’s little sycophant, Robert Spencer, is another scammer who devises evil for gain, hence why he promotes homosexual literature.

The breakdown of Europe is part of a conspiracy to enable Germany to return back to militarism and nationalism. If the EU breaks down, the most powerful nation in Europe, Germany, will take the opportunity to revive German militarism in the name of ‘stability.’ As long as Germany remains possessed by the spirit of Luther, it will always go to the warpath. In World War One, Lutheran German nationalism fueled Germanic imperialism.

Protestantism is so rooted in the political essence of Germany, that till this day Luther is used for populist movements. For example, the rising Alternative for Germany party (AfD) presents posters with Luther’s portrait adjacent to his infamous words: Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise (Hier steje ich und kann nicht anders), alongside the slogan: “Courage to Truth” (Mut zur Wahrheit):

And yet Geller loves the AfD, the German nationalists. In the heart of Germany’s vision of supremacy, one will find Luther’s name engrained. Adolf Deissman, who was amongst Germany’s leading Protestant theologians during the First World War, unequivocally placed Luther as an inseparable pillar holding up German militarism. In 1914, Deissman wrote down the points of ideology which German Protestants had to follow. It was entitled: “The War and Religion” and in it he proclaimed the diabolical equation of Christianity with German supremacy. He wrote:

“The war has steeled our religion … We Germans can’t believe in anything else but a German God.”

Deissman also said:

“Our present religion is natural and German, and we preach a German God! A German, a national God!”

In Deissman, do we find the Darwinist sentiment of “might makes right,” for he said:

“I am proud to preach the religion of might and what our enemies call barbarism.”

As we see this type of rhetoric increase, so will the nearness of Wisdom 2 which quotes the wicked as saying: “let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:11)

The words of Deissman were being said before World War Two and before Nazism. This means that German imperialism is rooted not in Nazism, but in something deeper, and that is the anti-Christian spirit. Nazism was simply a symptom to a deeper disease, and that is the spirit of Antichrist.

Nazism is coming back, and it is the separatists, the nationalists, the eugenists, NATO and the CIA, and Counterjihad agents, who are making this happen.

If it was all really for “Flemish independence,” then why are all of these Flemish separatists conspiring to help Catalonian separatists and Northern Italian separatists? Because it is not just about Catalonia or Northern Italy, or Belgium, it is about destabilizing all of Europe, and ultimately, the world, a bloody conflagration that will bring in a bloodbath to the earth. 

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