Those Bombings All Over Austin Were Not Done By Muslims- They Were From A Homosexual Terrorist And Suicide Bomber Who Bragged That He Was A God-Hating “Psychopath” And Loved Having Sex With Random Men

In March 2018 a series of bombs terrorized Austin, Texas. Two people were killed and six were injured over the month. The FBI became involved and eventually they found the perpetrator.

The terrorist was identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, a homosexual who used the infamous app Grindr to find gay sex with random men. He bragged that he hated God and when the SWAT teams approached his home, he blew himself up as a suicide bomber:

Authorities have found that the Austin bombing suspect may have been struggling with his sexuality before two people were killed and four injured in attacks across the city.

The March bombing spree ended after Mark Conditt, a 23-year-old Pflugerville resident, detonated an explosive in his car, killing himself. Investigators trying to determine a motive, the Austin American-Statesman reported Thursday, discovered that Conditt had used Grindr, a gay dating app for men.

Conditt, who was home-schooled, told his deeply religious family at 18 that he was an atheist, the Statesman reported. Sierra Jane Davis, a transgender woman who grew up in the same home-school community as Conditt and knew him, told the newspaper that coming out would have been difficult in his family and social circles.

Conditt’s family declined to comment.

Conditt condemned homosexuality in a blog post he maintained for a government class at Austin Community College.

“Homosexuality is not natural,” he wrote a month before his 18th birthday. “I do not believe it is proper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have ‘rights.’ What about pedophilia or bestiality?”

Because the two people killed in the bombings were black, officials investigated race as a motive. Anthony Stephan House, 39, was killed by a package bomb left on his doorstep in northeast Austin on March 2. Draylen Mason was killed 10 days later. Mason, 17, was a gifted musician who’d been accepted to the University of Texas at Austin’s Butler School of Music. His mother was injured in the package bomb blast that killed her son.

Three others were also injured — Esperanza Herrera, 75, who likely received one of the bomber’s packages in error, and two men in their 20s who were caught in a blast set off by a tripwire.

Authorities are confident in ruling out racism as a motive, as well as politics or links to international terrorism, the Statesman reported. (source)

It is interesting that the police were so quick to rule out “terrorism” as a reason for why he did what he did.

Also, the Mark Anthony Conditt story came out back in March 2018, the same month the bombings began.

NOTHING at the time was noted in the papers to indicate he was a homosexual.

His 28-minute long video, his “manifesto,” still has not been made public for people to view- why is that?

Could there be something in that video that would confirm something the LGBT does not want the world to know?

It is easy to blame the Muslims for terrorism, and indeed, terrorism is a part of Islamic theology- this is not an idea for debate, but it is a theological reality that is inherent to the religion. At the same time, one must also acknowledge there are other evil people out there who do engage in evil actions.

The LGBT is extremely violent in spite of the rhetoric they use, that they are supposedly “peaceful” and “happy.” Homosexuality, being that it is an advanced form of sin per sacred scripture, predisposes a man to the worst forms of vice. While a homosexual may not engage in the worst of sins, homosexuality is one of the worst sins a man can commit and as such he is far more wiling to commit others serious and barbaric evils.

This man was, as it is noted, a former Christian turned lover of homosexuality. What caused this to happen with him? What is his story?

Was he sending the bombs as some “homosexual revenge” against heterosexual people he was angry at?

We simply don’t know. The answer is there, but the video, which would provide the necessary and critical insight into the reality of what happened, is not being released.

Could it be the influence of the LGBT for why the video has not been released?

Likewise, we do not know.

What we can say for sure is that this was not a case involving Muslims, and that if it was Muslims it would be referred to, and correctly so, as a case of Islamic terrorism.

However, this is a homosexual, so what is the fear in talking about homosexual terrorism?

If this was a Muslim, who blew himself up, he would be called a suicide bomber, and correctly so.

However, this is a homsoexual, so what is the problem with calling him who blows himself up a homosexual suicide bomber?

Herein lays the answer that people do not want to address, because it would force people to criticize the LGBT, and since most Americans support the LGBT they do not want to criticize them because they love and support them.

The reality is that what happened in Austin was the case of a homosexual terrorist and suicide bomber who, as he admits, hated God and was a self-professed psychopath. He murdered several people and attempted the murder of several more, and he used to go out and seek casual sex with random men, as that is the only reason why a person would use the Grindr app.

When a Muslim commits terrorism, everybody panics and says that it has to be condemned and then will talk about Islam, how Mohammed raped Aisha at 9 years old, and so on.

Homosexuals rape children every day, and yet many who would talk about Islam all the day long will not address that issue, but will still insist that if you are REALLY against Islam, you will support the LGBT.

Now in this case a homosexual engages in terrorism and suicide bombing no different than how a Muslim would, and there is absolute silence from the “cownta jeehawd” movement.

This is the evil reality that we face, that the same form of terrorism and violence can be committed by two different people, and one man will be condemned and the other will not because the former supports a certain model that the powers that be want encouraged for the ends of pushing racism, ethnonationalism, and a new third world war, but the latter who truly terrorize society will be given moral license to support their immorality.