American Woman Stalks Man She Went On One Date With, Sends Him 65 THOUSAND Texts, Tells Him She Wants To ‘Bathe In His Blood’, He Finds Her In His House Taking A Bath With A Butcher’s Knife In The Car

In a dating horror story from Arizona, a woman who went on a single date with a man has been arrested for stalking. According to police, she sent the man over 65 thousand texts, including she told him that she wanted to ‘bathe in his blood.’ One day, he found that she had broken into his house and was in the tub, and there was a butcher’s knife in her car:

An Arizona woman has been charged with stalking a man, sending him a total of 65,000 text messages and breaking into his home to take a bath after going out with him just once.

Jacqueline Ades, 31, was arrested in Phoenix on Tuesday on felony charges of threatening and intimidating, stalking and harassment, a misdemeanor.

Ades reportedly met the unnamed Paradise Valley resident through a dating site in 2017.

The two went out together on a single date, but Ades allegedly fell in love and began actively pursuing the man.

The victim said Ades, who described herself on social media as a makeup artist, inundated his phone with text messages, sometimes sending as many as 500 a day, reported ABC15.

Ades’ love interest contacted police twice last year after she parked outside his home and continued peppering him with unwanted texts. Police responded to the area and escorted Ades off his property.

Last month, the victim spotted her while remotely checking home surveillance video. Officers went to the home and found the 31-year-old woman taking a bath in the man’s tub.

When police searched Ades’ car, they found a large butcher knife on the passenger seat.

The victim said after that incident, Ades sent him threatening texts, one of which stated: ‘Oh what would I do w ur blood! Id wanna bathe in it.’

Another menacing missive read: ‘You do whatever you have to do to get here… but don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you… I don’t want to be a murderer.’

In her messages to the object of her desire, Ades allegedly favorably compared herself to Adolf Hitler and praised the Nazi mass murderer as a ‘genius,’ as Fox 10 reported.

Then last week, Ades showed up at the victim’s business in Scottsdale and falsely claimed to be his wife, which ultimately led to her arrest in Phoenix, according to police.

After being taken into custody, Ades reassured police that she had no intention of hurting the man, saying that she only sent the threatening texts to him because she loved him and feared that he would leave her.

Ades later acknowledged that her statements were ‘crazy.’ She was ordered held without bond. (source)